Sun.Nov 19, 2017

Security devours freedom

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A flock of sheep is in the enclosure and the mother ewe asks: “Children, do you know why we are surrounded by barbed wire?” “I I know, Mom!”, says one of the lambs. That is there to keep the terrorists out, so that we can enjoy our freedom in peace.”

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of November 2017)

10,000 Birds

We’re heading into a hurricane of holiday obligations and celebrations. For many, the third weekend of November serves as the last moment of true relaxation of the calendar year. Hopefully, we all made the most of it! I ran up to Lake Ontario on Sunday despite some major northwestern winds.

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It’s Time to be Grateful AF.

Elephant Journal

It’s more powerful than Prozac, and easier to find. It’s gratitude, bro, and it starts in your mind. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality WAYLON: Today Only christmas family grateful grateful AF gratitude happiness health holidays mindful AF mindfulness thanksgiving

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Killingholme Haven Pits revisited

10,000 Birds

On September 13th we made a decision to go over to the UK to spend time with Mum and enjoy all that an English October has to offer in the way of birds.

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The Underrated Power of Being Alone.

Elephant Journal

Up to that point, I had avoided being alone. If I was physically by myself, I would fill my time with anything: Blog Health & Wellness Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality WAYLON: Today Only Yoga being alone compassion suffering loneliness meditation metta savasana solitude

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