Thu.Mar 26, 2020

Finding birds in Deliblato Sands Reserve, part 2/3: the Labudovo okno Ramsar Wetland

10,000 Birds

LABUDOVO OKNO Ramsar Site and an Important Bird Area represents a section of the Danube floodplain downriver from Belgrade, Serbia, and situated in the south of the Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve.

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Download the Victory Garden Handbook, circa 1943

Green Prophet

They started during times of war when there was not enough food. Planted in lawns and in backyards. This one was planted in a bomb crater. A Victory Garden planted in a bomb crater in London. . When a parking lot was bombed in London during World War II they planted a garden.

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Tests for corona will be part of the boot kit for surviving this

Green Prophet

We’ve learned over the years that knowing if we have it or not is the best prevention. Okay so the skies are clear, and dolphins have returned to the water of Venice.

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