Wed.Feb 12, 2020

IDs on the wing

10,000 Birds

I have commented before on the privilege and pain of living in a state (Michoacán, Mexico) which hosts 10 out of the 15 Empidonax Flycatchers , as well as at least 4 of the 22 Myiarchus Flycatchers.

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Recipe: Olive and Za’atar-Topped Focaccia

Green Prophet

An Italian flatbread featuring a Middle-Eastern herb? Why not? Italy and much of the Middle East have a lot in common. They share the Mediterranean climate. Both love olive oil. In both regions, people bake a variety of flatbreads.

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Women Outperform Men at Ultra Distances

Green Prophet

For years the debate of which sex reigns supreme in sport has waged on, with most nods, in most sports going to testosterone-fueled males. Men are bigger, men are stronger. Recently this trend is starting to see some upheaval however, with women competing in ultra-distance endurance events.

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