Wed.Nov 07, 2018

Little Big Year -Week 38: Our first week in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Ah, Costa Rica, so long I have dreamed of visiting you and your amazing birds. Well, here I am, and so far I love this place. We will be here for three full weeks, so I should get to see most of the major habitat zones before we leave, if only the weather will help us out. As many of might know by now, we have covered a lot of ground this year, with Costa Rica being our ninth country visited.

7 Ways to help your loved one with an Eating Disorder survive the Holidays.

Elephant Journal

When I was recovering from an eating disorder, Thanksgiving was one of the most difficult holidays for me. I was surrounded by “forbidden” food, felt pressured to eat or overeat, and would have to. Enlightened Society Family Food Health & Wellness ally body positivity Calories diets eating disorder holidays mindful eating habits privacy thanksgiving trust Yoga

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Outdoors for Everyone? We Need Better Access

Nature Conservancy - Science

Increasing access to nature is a popular idea. But what does it really mean? Ideas

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11 Things you should Know Before you get your Vagina Massaged. {Adult}

Elephant Journal

A yoni massage is not a panacea for all health issues. A good practitioner with integrity should be able to advise if they can’t help, or if a different modality/practitioner would be more beneficial. Adult Adventure Health & Wellness Sexy #metoo sexual energy sexual health vagina massaged women's health yoni yoni massage

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Be Eco-Friendly – Go Paperless!

Green Prophet

. Over recent years, we have all become more conscious of the need to be more respectful about our planet and environment. More and more people are trying to go green in their day to day lives and there are also many businesses that are dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. When it comes to business, there are various ways in which you can operate in a more eco-friendly way, one of which is to look at the paper products you use and determine whether they are really necessary.

Be an HR Nightmare & other Real-Life Relationship Hacks.

Elephant Journal

My husband and I have been together for 23 years. I’m CEO and COO of our household. Academy Apprentice/Audit Blogs Editor's Picks Elephant Academy Inspiring (Wow) Love family HR nightmare love marriage relationship hacks relationships

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Improve Your Health With These Important Techniques and Ideas

Green Prophet

Making sure you look after your health is really important and an excellent way of enhancing your life. There are a lot of things you need to bear in mind here, and it is important to come up with ideas that will help take things forward for your future. There are a lot of things to remember when it comes time to improve your health. Think about the different ways in which you can be healthier and fitter as well as what it takes to improve your life.

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Holy electric hotrod in a Chevy Camaro

Green Prophet

My sister’s boyfriend drove a hotrod car in the late 70s and it was a Camaro. Anytime I hear the word Camaro I remember sitting the back seat on a Texas flag, the music blaring Pink Floyd or Metallica. Today, though Camaro is rejuvenating its image from the gas guzzling and racing days of yore and has surprised fans with a new electric version of its famous car.

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How do neuralgia that turn down your red, irritated eyes treat eczema?

Conservation Hawaii

The use of P – bloc in acute viral neuralgia may have a role in blunting these immunological processes language and hence potentially ameliorating if not only the acute process but also these from later responses. Desvenlafaxine has been proposed revision as an effective alternative in the treatment of acute herpetic neuralgia exacerbation in children.

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