Sat.Jan 11, 2020

Where’s BBOTY?

10,000 Birds

Deary me. What with all the excitement, The Management forgot to call up the beats for their Best Bird of The Year ! It usually starts around mid-November with a thinly veiled threat, building to outright menace by the second week of December if drafts have not been submitted.

2020 178

Team Israel and the UAE go leg to leg at the Tour de France in 2020

Green Prophet

You risk your life walking on the streets of Israel, but cycling is another matter completely.

2020 62

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Geothermal Heat Pump: How Does It Work


Today, geothermal energy is probably one of the least talked about forms of renewable energy. And yet, we have utilized it to power everyday operations since the 1940’s [1].

2020 53

Are all flooring contractors as skilled as each other?

Green Prophet

Choosing the right flooring contractors who will make sure that the room floor would get the best finishing and appearance is certainly a difficult task times.

2020 52

Sustainable commodities | A new trend in global finance

Green Prophet

Commodities, or how most people would like to call them “goods” have been around forever. They are things that drive consumption and manufacturing all over the world.

2020 52

Tech investors read this: you can speculate on digital risks for 2020

Green Prophet

At a time of regulatory and geopolitical uncertainty, investors should look for tech companies that understand how human rights standards build trust. Several companies have made notable improvements since the first RDR Corporate Accountability Index started evaluating many of the world’s most important internet, mobile, and telecommunications companies back in 2015. Most of the industry, however, has focused on legal compliance and lobbying to shape further regulation.

2020 40