Wed.May 12, 2021

Uncharacteristically Wet

10,000 Birds

I know many of us seek birds as an escape from dreary, depressing news that seems to permeate almost everything of late. Endless notifications about 3% of intact forest remaining here, another species falling into the endangered species category – it all can get overwhelming sometimes.

Covid’s triple threat

Green Prophet

Severe symptoms of COVID-19 , leading often to death, are thought to result from the patient’s own acute immune response rather than from damage inflicted directly by the virus.


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Keeping Cool in Tierra Caliente

10,000 Birds

I have often sung the praises of the beautiful birds I can see by driving 3,000 feet / 62 km / one hour down to the little town of Paso Ancho, on the edge of what Mexicans call Tierra Caliente (the Hot Country).

Fruit 170

How Much Is A Ticket To Hawaii

Conservation Hawaii

Flights from the east coast are obviously quite a bit more often in the 700-800 range. Nonstop flights between LASLAXPHXSANSEASFO and Hawaii. Pin On Free. Starting from 299 USD. How much is a ticket to hawaii. 25 of our users found tickets to Hawaii for the following prices or less.

Hawaiian Fried Rice

Conservation Hawaii

Many Hawaiians use Spam in their fried rice as its extremely popular in these islands. It was originally brought there by American GIs and it became an important source of protein for locals. Hawaiian Fried Rice Recipe Fried Rice Hawaiian Fried Rice Family Dinner.

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