Thu.May 21, 2020

Emerging birding destinations: Serbia

10,000 Birds

The coronavirus has locked us all in, literally, doing something that was totally unthinkable only a few months ago: it has prevented us from birding abroad! And now we are all dreaming about new destinations to explore, once airports are working again and borders re-open.

Serbia 254

RFF | Request for Proposals: Retrospective Studies of Regulatory Performance

Environmental Economics

I'm posting this RFP at the request of Dick Morgenstern and Art Fraas. This is a great project. coincidentally, I recently purchased Economic Analysis a the EPA , ed. by Morgenstern and have read the intro, conclusions, and all the parts about estimating benefits.

2020 130

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Calculate your cities’ solar power potential

Green Prophet

Viganella is a village in Italy where the sun never shines. So locals installed a giant mirror to project the sun’s rays back onto them. Image via The Atlantic.

2020 67

5 eco-renovations for your home on a budget

Green Prophet

The hunt for the ultimate (and eco) bed is on! One good thing about the coronacrisis is that we finally get to spend a lot of time at home.

2020 52

Protecting birds from powerlines in the Middle East

Green Prophet

Many species of birds are threatened by chemicals, alterations in their environment, aircraft, and electrocution. Larger birds, in particular, are more prone to suffering electrocution because their body size and wingspan exceed the phase-to-ground or phase-to-phase distance.

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