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A Good Tax Credit for Small Business, Large Business and Residential Advancement

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A Good Tax Credit for Small Business, Large Business and Residential Advancement. Throughout the 2012 campaign, dramatics about taxes where abound in full force. They continued into and around the fiscal cliff crisis and in the end, we all got taxed one way or another. However, it is not often that we hear about how our taxes are making a difference beyond the necessities, such as municipality services.

Michelle Pfeiffer Credits Vegan Diet for Ageless Looks


The dietary change was a pretty dramatic switch for Pfeiffer, whose previous lifestyle was less than healthy. Read More The post Michelle Pfeiffer Credits Vegan Diet for Ageless Looks appeared first on Ecorazzi. Healthy Living Lifestyle News Top News Vegan michelle pfeiffer

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10 Signs you're a Hipster. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal isn't your momma's blog: 1.3 million readers/month, #1 in US twice for #green on Twitter, bringing the mindful life beyond the choir since 2002

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Israeli Farming Co-Op Declares War on Pesticides

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Farmers and consumers face a new kind of chemical terror: pesticides.

Privately Run Medicare Plans are Really Expensive | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Austin Frakt draws my attention today to a new article about the administrative costs of Medicare. Exciting stuff! Long story short, Kip Sullivan of the Minnesota chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program wants

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In defense of the sycamore

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The sycamore ( Acer pseudoplatanus ) is, in my opinion, a much maligned tree, often regarded as an invasive nuisance, whose timber is regarded as being of little value.

Small American Farmer Brings Monsanto Seed Patents to Supreme Court

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Vernon Hugh Bowman , farmer vs Monsanto, billion dollar seed and biotech company.

Biggest US climate rally ever calls for the President to reject the Keystone pipeline project

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Tens of thousands of protesters rallied this past Sunday in Washington DC, USA, to demand action on climate change. Organizers estimated that around 40,000 people took part in the demonstration, making it the largest climate rally in US history.

Russell Simmons: “Don’t Eat Anxious Sick Sad Animals”


Russell Simmons took to his twitter account while at Veggie Grill to advocate for a vegan diet for the health of people and animals. Read More The post Russell Simmons: “Don’t Eat Anxious Sick Sad Animals” appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Eats Featured News Vegan

John McCain Goes All-In on Benghazi "Cover-Up" | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Hoo boy, has John McCain lost it. Yesterday, on Meet the Press, he blathered on for a while about all the unanswered questions he supposedly has regarding Benghazi?most most of which have been answered, of course

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Istanbul Municipality Forces Neighborhood To Make Way For Planned Gentrification

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Until a recent urban renewal project that forced most residents out, the neighborhood of Tarlaba?? was home to a diverse array of Istanbul’s minority populations. In the early 20th century, Tarlaba??’s

Make Your Own Energy Bars! 5 Healthy, Natural Snack Recipes

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Protein-packed energy bars are an ideal snack before workouts, on the plane or any time you start to feel your eyelids drooping and your attention waning.

Software Patents: A Test Run for Bipartisan Cooperation? | Mother.

Mother Jones

Ramesh Ponnuru writes in the New York Times today that Republicans need to stop idolizing Ronald Reagan's policies, which were great in the 80s but no longer address the problems we face now. The truth is that income

Review of ProFlowers Organic Fruit and Nut Tray

Hug a Tree with Me

There is simply nothing better than receiving a beautiful bouquet of beautiful flowers; flowers are so emotive, they have the magical ability to make a person smile, make a celebration sweeter and brighten the gloomiest of days.

Daily D & S: Are there no MBAs at Beam Inc.?

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A follow up to Tim's Maker's Mark post. From the inbox: Dear Ambassador, Since we announced our decision last week to reduce the alcohol content (ABV) of Maker’s Mark in response to supply constraints, we have heard many concerns and questions from our ambassadors and brand fans.

Drink Recipe: Hot and Spicy Apple Cider

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Organic raw apple cider contains zero chemicals and pesticides, leaving only natural goodness that contains properties that can lower the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Digiscoping Photo Study of Ring-billed Gulls

10,000 Birds

Parking lot gulls are an easy target for photography. They are confiding, confident verging on cocky, and content to do their thing while you take their picture. And when what you are taking their picture with is a digiscoping rig you can get some pretty interesting pictures.

Music Monday: Vicky Cryer

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based supergroup Vicky Cryer was founded by Jason Hill after he finished his tour fronting the maligned, but magnificent Louis XIV in the the spring of 2009.

Oldest Persian Leopard Roams Threatened Iranian Park

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An old Persian leopard has been captured on camera in Iran, but this is not the first time. The cat was first photographed by a camera trap in 2004, according to wildlife conservationists in the area, and has since been spotted by both game wardens and visitors on numerous occasions.

Do Chimpanzees Have a Better Short-Term Memory Than Humans?


Scientists often talk about how primates are some of the smartest non-human animals, but very rarely do you hear about a species surpassing humans in a intellectual exercise. Read More The post Do Chimpanzees Have a Better Short-Term Memory Than Humans? appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Eat Like A Sustainable Israeli: Tajine of Sweet Potatoes and Prunes RECIPE

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A vegetarian slow-cooked casserole with a fine Middle Eastern blend of flavors. Sustainable cooking means healthy food from local sources and fair worker’s wages. Sustainable agriculture not only maintains, but also enriches the natural resources that our food supply depends on.

Minnie Driver to Play Vegan Mom in NBC’s ‘About A Boy’


Actress Minnie Driver has been cast to play vegan, hippie mom in NBC's adaptation of novel and film "About A Boy." Read More The post Minnie Driver to Play Vegan Mom in NBC’s ‘About A Boy’ appeared first on Ecorazzi. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News Vegan minnie driver

The Dog that Rescued Me & a 101 on Residential Solar

Green Living Ideas

We had WAY too much fun in the studio last week. Eco Ed Schwartz joined us to be our resident Green Dude, and even though Green Diva Jamie and silent Jessie were not in the studio, we managed to have so much fun that we forgot to record the first 20 minutes of the show! ahhhhhhhh.

School Districts Going Greener in Iowa


This semester is starting off a little more green for three Iowa school districts. Ottumwa Community Schools, Pella Community Schools and (most recently) West Liberty Community Schools have begun the semester by implementing GreenRU composting into their food services.

Learning Sustainability Through Play: GBO Hawaii

Green Living Ideas

One of the best ways to learn a new skill is through play- as we’re having fun, we don’t realize that we are learning! If you are looking to learn more (or teach more) about sustainability, there is no better way than sharing the super fun game of GBO Hawaii.

Forward on Climate Rally Brings out 35,000


Thousands of people concerned about climate change descended on Washington, D.C., on Sunday.Organisers claim more than 35,000 attendees.

Green Washing Machines for Eco-Friendly Homes

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We have all become increasingly environmentally conscious over the past few decades. We now drive cars that consume less petrol and use energy efficient light bulbs that use less voltage than in the past. A reflection of this increased awareness can be seen in the growing popularity of eco-friendly washing machines. So then, what are some of the key benefits that these modern devices offer?

A Cold Look at Planet Earth: Learning from the World’s Frozen Places


Water, the key to life, is also a key to understanding the way the natural world works. Water in the form of ice is especially instructive.

California Plans to List BPA as a Health Hazard


Bisphenonal A, or BPA, a potentially toxic chemical used in plastics and the linings of canned food and already banned from use in children’s drinking cups and baby bottles, may soon be declared a reproductive hazard in the state of California.

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