Sat.Oct 20, 2018

Return of the Aramides.

10,000 Birds

These rails were featured in a 10,000 Birds post a few weeks ago. The Slaty-breasted Wood-Rail , Aramides saracura , was seen as the light was fading over the Botanical Gardens (Jardim do Botanico) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. On that occasion, I was only able to photograph one of them. But this time, I was able to enjoy an intimate moment between the pair and would like to share it with you. They were preening and feeding in a stream that flowed into the gardens from a spring in the surrounding forest.

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Finding our Mindful Path, Step-by-Step.

Elephant Journal

Two years ago, I started building something like a checklist. I got sober and quit smoking. Yoga and meditation became my main focus in life. I started collecting tools to guide me through my day. Academy Apprentice/Audit Blogs Elephant Academy awareness Building a mindful life healing life meditation mindfulness mindfulness is in the details one step at a time setting boundaries

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How is activated Cosopt pf used for poisons?

Conservation Hawaii

Cc crme color of complexion correction broad spectrum spf 40 is a ciii controlled dangerous substance in the united states because it has octinoxate in it. Furthermore, octinoxate can cause liver function problems, even if you dont take a lot dimensions of Shiseido sports bb medium.

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The Secret to Being Good at Yoga.

Elephant Journal

It's natural to look around the room during a yoga class and wonder why your pose doesn't look like your neighbor's. I still catch myself doing this from time to time. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Yoga body and mind challenge flexibility gain confidence good at yoga learn from failure practice practicing yoga class yoga pose

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The One Thing that took my Sex Life from Basic to Blissful.

Elephant Journal

Increased stamina, self-confidence, and a better sex drive—they all came with this major lifestyle change. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Love antidepressant exercise genital arousal kegel exercises libido love life sex sex drive sex life sexual satisfaction

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