Wed.Jul 11, 2018

Week 21: Our last week in Scotland

10,000 Birds

It is Tuesday night, and I am sitting in a historic hotel, just a kilometer or so north of the Scotland/England border. It seemed a fitting way to end our time here in Scotland.

2018 130

How to Turn Self-Hatred into Self-Love.

Elephant Journal

Feeling the emotion wasn't the end of the process though. To really turn it into a strong healing, I needed to acknowledge and integrate the part of me that had stepped in to protect me from the strong emotion the controlling wrathful aspect.

2018 83

How Did Birds Get So Colorful?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Help scientists answer questions about bird plumage like, how colorful are birds? How quickly does plumage color evolve? Are changes in plumage color associated with the origins of new species? Birds & Birding Citizen Science Birds Natural History Research Try This

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How Meditation helped Save the Lives of the 12 Thai Boys.

Elephant Journal

Chanthawong led the boys through meditation practice to calm them down. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Yoga 12 boys in cave breaking new buddhist monk cave rescue Ekapol Chanthawong meditation meditation for trauma meditation saves lives news Thailand

2018 83

Education and Counseling to Str-duloxetine Low Back Pain

Conservation Hawaii

Acivir pills gel syrup which contains Acyclovir. Unlike all other aciclovir products, effective product can attain not be easily dissolved, filtered and converted to meth. Main target of pharmedix is to conform totally to aciclovir packaging standards. Pharmedix is inside making packaging and sale locally of a series finale of various drugs including ciclopirox. The most are common active ingredient found moulded in otc Stieprox shampoo aids which is ciclopirox.

2018 40

What are we willing to Risk?

Elephant Journal

It’s never worth settling to make someone else happy. I’ve done it before and it always ends in heartbreak. Adventure Arts Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) beautiful life never settle reminder settling the best things in life

2018 83

July New Moon: a Lesson in how to be Strong & Yielding all at Once.

Elephant Journal

On one hand, Cancer energy pushes us to be strong, protective, and even controlling, and yet underneath all of that boss energy is an easily offended, soft, sentimental sweetie who genuinely cares. Can these seeming imbalances work together? Arts Astrology Inspiring (Wow) astrology cancer july 2018 lesson new moon solar eclipse strong and yielding supermoon

2018 64

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We Don’t ask the Recovering Person to Carry the Piano up the Stairs.

Elephant Journal

As a piano-playing singer-songwriter still feeling the effects of coming off a difficult breakup, a big move several states away to a new city, and some creative disillusionment, I have been dealing with a multifaceted kind of self-reclamation in all areas of my life and being. Arts Enlightened Society Love artist body Clarissa Pinkola-Estes creativity healing lesson music pain playing recovery woman

2018 63

A Letter to the I.C.E. Man at the United States Border.

Elephant Journal

Now, Mr. Ice, I’m sure you’re wondering why a middle-aged Caucasian woman from Massachusetts is writing to you today or, for that matter, what the dickens I know—or have a right to say—about migrants and borders and illegal immigrants to the U.S. So, let me break the ice here with a wee story. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Family border security children in cages I.C.E. ice immigration letter mindfulness trump united states politics

I was Sick of putting my Baby to Bed on a Toxic Mattress. Here’s an All-Natural, Eco Alternative.

Elephant Journal

From the moment we unpacked the Emily Natural Crib Mattress, our son has been sleeping well—even proactively putting himself to bed sometimes. Previously, he would often wake up with sneezes. This might be due to unrelated allergies or the glacial dust that is unique to where we live, but at least now I can safely assume it’s not coming from his mattress.

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