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Want to double world food production? Return the land to small farmers!

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If we want to double world food production and be able to feed a growing population we will have to return the land to small farmers and also establish more small farms.

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Recovery: Extricating Reptiles from the Pit of Despair

Nature Conservancy - Science

Nevada bans all commercial take of reptiles, the last state to do so. The story behind the ban. From the Field Wildlife Endangered Species Herps Mammals Nature + People

When a Woman tells you She’s Been Violated. {Poem}

Elephant Journal

When she cannot find her voice to safely speak. When the words stick like swords in her throat. When the sound of her own voice is too much to bear. Will your love to transmit across miles of silence. Arts Enlightened Society Equal Rights Health & Wellness Literary Journal assault believe her disbelief poem poetry rape violence

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5 Simple Questions You Need To Ask Of All Your Trash

Green Living Ideas

Before simply tossing your trash, TerraCycle asks you to think about these 5 questions to find an alternative to the landfill. The post 5 Simple Questions You Need To Ask Of All Your Trash appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Eco Home Living compost Recycling rubbish TerraCycle Trash

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3 Ways to Forgive & Let Go—of Ourselves, or those who Hurt Us.

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We are so used to ruminating. We know this isn’t helpful, but we get stuck. Academy Apprentice/Audit Blogs Elephant Academy Health & Wellness Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality forgive and let go forgiveness letting go meditation mindfulness practice relationships ruminating those who hurt us

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Next time you’re stuck at the airport all night, do this.

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My sister was stranded at the Charlotte airport overnight and decided to make the most of it. Some of us, stuck at the airport overnight, would call our friends to complain, binge watch Netflix, and surf Instagram or Facebook. At best, read a book. Mahshid Mazooji, however: “…missed my connecting flight in Charlotte, and I didn’t […]. Main Categories* Enlightened Society Waylon Lewis WAYLON: Today Only

A Revolutionary Act for Women starts with this First Step.

Elephant Journal

Some studies have shown that girls as young as six years old begin to view intelligence as a primarily male attribute. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Inspiring (Wow) beauty body positivity character feminism inner beauty outer beauty personal growth self-acceptance women

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3 Ways to Get Over the Fear of Not Fitting In.

Elephant Journal

This fear of not fitting in is at its strongest when we’re young, but it never fully leaves us until we become confident in who we are. Whether we are teenagers entering college or adults joining a new company, our first instinct is to be careful with our words and actions. We don’t want to upset the status quo; we fear failure, ridicule, and standing out. We are petrified that people might not like us.

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The Buddha’s Guide to Dealing with Desire.

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In the Buddha's teaching of The Four Noble Truths, the first truth is that suffering exists. The second truth states that all suffering has a cause. In Buddhism, attachment and. Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality acceptance attachment buddhism Buddhist philosophy greed impermanence letting go materialism suffering The Four Noble Truths the middle way

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2 Ways to Stop our Story & Write a New One.

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Throughout life, we all hold onto stories in our heads that often become strong beliefs. These beliefs can be so powerful that they impact us for the rest of our lives unless. Enlightened Society Inspiring (Wow) Non New-Agey Spirituality change your story false beliefs Joe Dispenza letting go negative beliefs rejection stories we tell ourselves suffering you are enough

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Not Fake News: These 7 Trump Officials have used Private Email servers.

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Lock them up? The GOP will be outraged, right? Right? Hello? The careless hypocrisy is as stunning as it is unsurprising. Can something be both stunning and unsurprising? Yes: this entire Administration. Let’s just get through these years without nuclear war, shall we? Breaking News: Kushner used private email to conduct White House business ( Kushner […]. Main Categories* Enlightened Society Waylon Lewis WAYLON: Today Only

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This is my Problem with Gratitude.

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I couldn’t help but notice that the person who first explained the gratitude journal concept to me also complained a lot. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality appreciation ashtanga gratefulness gratitude journal life lesson practice thankful Yoga

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The Cell Phone Challenge that made me a Better Mum.

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There was an incident at the very beginning of my mindful smartphone challenge. I remember sitting down to lunch and my phone chirping with notifications. Usually it was Facebook, but in this case, Academy Apprentice/Audit Blogs Apprentice Thesis Elephant Academy Enlightened Society Family Health & Wellness autism autism parent cell phone addiction cell phone use facebook smartphones social media

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