Wed.Nov 25, 2020

Forest Bathing

10,000 Birds

I’m writing this post primarily because I am currently dreaming of the subject. Having been penned in our house for the last month (and more), the last time we have been out birding seems like a distant memory.

2020 215

Abu Dhabi and Israel cooperate to save the birds

Green Prophet

Asian Houbara, via Argos. Abu Dhabi-headquartered International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) has entered a ground-breaking partnership with the Israel Nature & Heritage Foundation (INHF) to collaborate on conservation on threatened birds. .

2020 77

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My Birding Buddies

10,000 Birds

I finally had to get a new laptop last week. While almost everything is up and running beautifully, I haven’t managed to figure out how to use the updated photo editor program I downloaded, or to transfer my old program to the new computer.

2020 161

Make Black Friday a Buy Nothing Day

Green Prophet

. Retailers and marketers everywhere can thank the Canadians for this killjoy idea that fights for the environment: instead of buying more than you can afford on Black Friday, you get Buy Nothing Day instead. We started writing about Buy Nothing Day in 2008. .

2020 70

Moving from Biodiversity Offsets to a Target-Based Approach for Ecological Compensation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Country-level contributions that contribute to an overall no-net-loss goal of biodiversity is one of the issues that groups are pushing for at 2021 Convention on Biological Diversity.

2020 55

How to Control the Pigeon Population


Pigeon flocks are increasing in number, and their dominance in urban areas and other agricultural sites may cause many health risks and other problems. Hence, it is essential to determine the answer to the question, ‘ how to control the pigeon population? ’.

2020 52

Global No Net Loss of Natural Ecosystems

Nature Conservancy - Science

Published in Nature Ecology & Evolution, “Global no net loss of natural ecosystems,” examines what the concept of no net loss in biodiversity offsetting would mean in practice. Loss of habitat or nature due to development projects (e.g.

2020 52

Business as Usual Might Be Destroying Your Business, Time for a Rethink

Eco Friendly Daily

No one has to remind you that the world is upside-down and inside-out. It no longer turns on its axis like a proper planet. It is spinning on its head like a drunken break dancer. In the process, everything has become mixed up, topsy-turvy, and altogether catawampus.

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