Mon.Jun 24, 2019

Sprout Lands – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Sprout Lands by William Bryant Logan Published by W W Norton, April 2019 Hardcover 165 x 244 mm / 384 pages ISBN 9780393609417 Price: £19.99 Arborist William Bryant Logan recovers the lost tradition that sustained human life and culture for ten millennia.

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Red-bellied Woodpecker

10,000 Birds

Joshua Malbin has been birding in Brooklyn, NY for more than 10 of his 15-plus years doing it so far. He’s been working as a writer and editor for almost 20, and has contributed fiction and nonfiction to more than a dozen online and print journals.

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Recovery: Victories in Galápagos National Park

Nature Conservancy - Science

New hope for the iconic native wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. From the Field Wildlife Endangered Species Invasive Species Protected Areas

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Cory’s Shearwater is Misspelled

10,000 Birds

Cory’s Shearwater is missing a letter. One little “e” is absent from the name and it has been driving me crazy ever since I learned there was a shearwater that almost shares a name with me. Adding one little “e” won’t hurt at all.

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