Wed.Jul 29, 2020

Dogs can smell Covid-19 virus, find German scientists

Green Prophet

Scientists in Germany have trained dogs to sniff out people with coronavirus. And they are accurate 94% of the time, reports Bloomberg. The science comes from researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover, Germany.

2020 87

No kissing the kaaba at this year’s hajj

Green Prophet

The year was 2014 and already Ebola was on everyone’s minds. Mers and avian flu have scared off people from hajj, but covid-19 has closed Saudi’s doors. As news of the Covid-19 virus broke this year one of the first dramatic headlines was that hajj was cancelled.

2020 81

Israel’s boring company plans 90 miles of underground trains

Green Prophet

Get stuck in an Israeli gridlock and you feel like you are better off in LA. The fast lane doesn’t really work. Traffic in the Mediterranean sun makes people nervous, especially when it can take you an hour to drive 3 miles.

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