Sun.Feb 26, 2012

Cardboard Interior Design Thinks Outside the (Cardboard) Box

Green Prophet

With some creativity and design aesthetic, cardboard box forts are taken to a whole new level. Cardboard is becoming an eco-friendly material of choice for furniture design , and sustainable designers have put it to many uses.

Livia Firth – Oscars Red Carpet 2012 First Look!


Here are your first shots of Livia Firth at the 2012 Academy Awards in a red sustainable gown (recycled polyester from plastic bottles) by Valentino. According to a recent tweet, Read More. Fashion Featured Lifestyle News colin firth livia firth

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Will Smart Sockets Change the Economics of Efficiency?

Green Prophet

Smart sockets explained.

WATCH: Paula Deen Speaks Up About Diabetes Backlash


Deen finally explains why she waited as long as she did to make her diabetes announcement. Read More. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News Video paula deen

Israel Turns on the Tap in River So Endangered Fish Can Swim

Green Prophet

At two inches, too small to eat, Israeli ecologists are reforming habitat to save the severely endangered fish the Nemacheilus dori. The fate of a tiny endangered fish in Israel`s northern region may rest on whether ecologists can create additional aquatic habitat.

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You will be astonished

Green (Living) Review

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup, Weekly Vegewarian Recipe

Green Prophet

Cold weather is still calling for soup. Try this light, vegan one based on Jerusalem artichokes. What I particularly like about this soup is that the usual potato for making it “hearty” is absent.

Sniper in Helmand – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Sniper in Helmand by James Cartwright with a foreword by Andy McNab Hardback 224 pages Published by Pen & Sword Military, October 2011 ISBN: 9781848846630 Few soldiers are deemed good enough to be selected and trained as snipers and even fewer qualify.

Afghanistan’s Traditional Irrigation Network Gets Green Upgrade

Green Prophet

World Banks funds new irrigation project for Afghans. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization is boosting its technical support for rehabilitation of Afghanistan ‘s dilapidated traditional irrigation systems, in a bid to help farmers increase crop production. The initiative also aims to improve the knowledge and skills that farmers need to run and maintain irrigation systems. The UN organization has signed a $27.7

What Does It Mean to Go Green?

Green Home Blog

What Does it Mean to “Go Green”? Going green – it’s a phrase that’s becoming more and more common as people start to realize the enormity of the environmental challenges we all face. Everybody knows the earth is in trouble: every day we see new stories about global warming, acid rain, oil spills, deforestation, or nuclear waste. But what can you actually do to help? Can going green really make a difference?

Waterless Toilets

Green Earth Journey

My husband and I are looking at purchasing a home. So while I was online looking at prices for things that need to be replaced I came across the waterless toilet ! Intrigued I checked it out! The two people that reviewed it seem to love it! It reduces human water to 10% of original output and uses no water. Turning the original matter into a hygienically safe and compostable brick!

Urban foraging

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Spring is about around the corner in the northern hemisphere and the time for serious foraging is going to be at hand again soon. Some plants that can be foraged for food have, this winter of 2011/2012, not even stopped growing really. One of them is, for instance, Dandelion. The only problem is that, even those that I specifically grow in the garden, have been taken as lettuce by the pesky pigeons.

White-winged Dove on Staten Island

10,000 Birds

Maybe Staten Island isn’t all bad. After all, I recently tracked down my first-for-New York State White-winged Dove in the forgotten borough of New York City.

Taylor Swift Turns Down Prom Date, Offers Something Better


Swift turned down McGuire's prom request, but offered something even better: a request to be her date at the ACM awards in April. Read More. Causes Entertainment Music News People Top News taylor swift

Broome’s lake

10,000 Birds

For at least 12 years now there has been a lake in Broome. It was hidden for several years and we could easily access it from just through our back fence, but as new roads were built it became more visible.

Burning Viruses Alive

Eco Friendly Daily

So, there are a few things that everyone likes in an appliance? eco-friendly or not. People love to be able to buy things that are reusable and will save them money. This is especially true if they don't have to do any extra work

Birds Feel The Beat

10,000 Birds

Researchers have shown that Budgerigars “were able to consistently respond to rhythmic beats within a certain time-frame” in controlled experiments. Neat ! Asides

Gillard -Rudd Scrap. Gillard Wins Round 2


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard today survived a leadership challenge from Kevin Rudd by 71-31. Its interesting that while the Caucus feels this way the polling in Australia suggest that Rudd is much more popular and Gillard is at present headed for certain defeat at the next election.

Angry Birds in Space

10,000 Birds

Look out, martians! On 22 March, Rovio, the company that brought us the wonderful time-waster, Angry Birds, will launch into space in partnership with NASA. It will be “One small fling for a bird, one quantum leap for birdkind.” ” Angry Birds Space will a. Asides angry birds

Tesla - Model X and Model S


Tesla Motors who brought the wow into the world's electric vehicles has unveiled the prototype for their Model X , which is a larger, family-oriented vehicle.It doesn't run to a a mini-van or an SUV. It begins production along with the Model S sedan.