Mon.Jan 20, 2020

But…It’s a Canada Goose?

10,000 Birds

Luis Gonzalez is a Miami resident and IT major who was originally born and raised in Cuba.

2020 158

Plantain, The Medicinal Green Weed

Green Prophet

We’re talking about plantain weed, not the banana. It’s a common wild green that grows in empty lots, along the side of the road, and unnoticed patches of dirt. And in your lawn. .

2020 77

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How to Travel Without a Laptop and Still Get Work Done

Eco Friendly Daily

Have you ever imagined traveling to another country without your valued laptop? It seems a ridiculous idea. After all, how can you get work done if you don’t have this important piece of your soul? But this should not be a reason for getting worried.

2020 52

Returning memories to a spotless mind

Green Prophet

Your brain state before you build a memory determines if you will remember it or not? Can we create superbrains that will remember every single little thing? With the age of computers, will we want that – or maybe we want a spotless mind?

2020 56