Wed.Nov 21, 2012

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson Offers $20K Reward to Catch Dolphin Killers


Captain Paul Watson is personally offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perps responsible. Read More The post Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson Offers $20K Reward to Catch Dolphin Killers appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News paul watson

Cinnamon Teal at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

10,000 Birds

Cinnamon Teal ( Anas cyanoptera ) pair by Larry Jordan (click on photos for full sized images) Winter is the time to visit the National Wildlife Refuges in California.

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Ellen Degeneres Is Thankful for This Rescued Turkey


As for the not so common items to be thankful for, Ellen chose this, as of yet, unnamed rescued turkey. Read More The post Ellen Degeneres Is Thankful for This Rescued Turkey appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News ellen degeneres

Christmas Shopping at Sears 

Hug a Tree with Me

The holidays just kind of snuck up on me this year, seriously I blinked in April and the months magically fast forward to November. Now, I find myself shopping for Christmas presents and filling my house with beautiful decorations and x mas bric-a-bracs.

Greening the Brown Paper Bag

Green Home Blog

Greening the Brown Paper Bag. Actually, it’s hard to do. The pleated brown paper bag, essence of all that has been lunch for the past seven decades or more, is already pretty darn green.

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New Zealand’s Other Eagle

10,000 Birds

While New Zealand is famous for its endemic oddities, once upon a time New Zealand also had many birds from groups and families that are no longer found here. There were once two species of goose, a merganser, and a pair of raven species. More curious was the owlet-nightjar, an already obscure group to begin with, but made all the more astonishing by virtue of its flightless and ground living lifestyle.

Military Plans Huge Solar Undertaking - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

SolarCity and Balfour Beatty Communities, LLC announced earlier this week plans to hook up 4700 military homes with solar at Fort Bliss, Texas, and the adjacent White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) in New Mexico

COP18 Updates – Women, Students & A President Courting Oil

Green Prophet

Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, who is the president of the COP18 got a thorough telling off for courting big oil executives in the lead up to the climate talks. The annual UN climate talks are coming the Middle East for the first time ever.

Ohio's Next Big Decision -- A Clean or Dirty Energy Future? - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Now that the presidential election is over, the people of Ohio are facing another important choice -- whether their state will embrace clean energy measures that will save money and lives, or continue wasting energy from

Seeds of Bliss Peace Project Forges On Despite War

Green Prophet

Friendship through sunflower seeds is still going to happen, says artist Noam Edry. Edry refuses to let politics get in the way of her monumental sunflower seed peace effort. Even when politics translate into siren alerts.

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A Peacock’s Love Saves a Turkey from Slaughter


If you're a fan of interspecies love, you're going to adore this story. Read More The post A Peacock’s Love Saves a Turkey from Slaughter appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals News Top News

Egypt’s Inspiring Environmental Push

Green Prophet

Solar panels at the pyramids. In the past two years since a popular uprising ousted former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak , the question of sustainability, energy and overall environmental awareness has been as evident as a clean street in Cairo. Basically, it has been nonexistent.

Fiona Apple Cancels Tour To Stay with Her Sick Pit Bull


Through four page Facebook letter, Fiona Apple cancels South American tour to stay home with sick pit bull. Read More The post Fiona Apple Cancels Tour To Stay with Her Sick Pit Bull appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Entertainment Music News Top News fiona apple

This Desert Daughter Makes Healing Cosmetics with Ancient Bedouin Secrets

Green Prophet

I had the pleasure of meeting this enterprising Bedouin woman, Miriam Aborkeek while on a Bedouin home stay and personal tour with Yeela Raanan of Bedouin Experience in Israel.

Has Curiosity Discovered Organic Compounds on Mars?


Speculation is rife over a major announcement set to come from NASA next month regarding a soil sample from the Mars Curiosity Rover. Read More The post Has Curiosity Discovered Organic Compounds on Mars? appeared first on Ecorazzi. News Science Top News

Morocco’s Berber Women Empowered by Rare “Miracle Oil”

Green Prophet

When western women catch wind of a new “miracle oil,” the next super lotion that promises eternal youth and exquisite beauty, be sure that demand for the thing will soar.

World Cup 2014 Stadium Will Have Recycled Coke Bottles Built In


© AFP. FIFA Partner Coca-Cola is making its own mark by announcing a pioneering sustainability project.

Tips For a Green Thanksgiving

Green Living Ideas

The holidays are quickly approaching, with Thanksgiving just around the corner. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the holiday season is a time of year which sees a huge increase is global waste.

Top Investment Funds Warn of Need for Action on Climate Change


A group of 200 investment institutions including HSBC, and Aviva and controls $21 trillion (£13 trillion) of assets worldwide is lobbying ministers as part of a broader campaign for action from leading global economies, The Independent reports.

Hold the Coffee Cream

Living In a Toxic World

Next time you reach for the creamer for you coffee, stop yourself and choose a healthier option instead. The coffee cream industry has exploded in recent years -offering consumers a wide variety of flavors to choose from. This unhealthy addition to one of the worlds most popular beverages contains chemical flavoring, GMO's and artificial ingredients. There are plenty of healthier alternatives to choose from or you could make your own creamer yourself.