Tue.Aug 04, 2020

Greenpeace against Arab world’s first nuclear power plant

Green Prophet

The first nuclear energy plant in the United Arab Emirates goes online on the Gulf Coast east of Qatar. In a desert region full of oil, and well unlimited sunshine, Abu Dhabi still plans to go ahead and build a nuclear energy site despite the risks. Remember Japan? And Greenpeace, which runs an active unit in the Arab world and Middle East, called Greenpeace MENA, isn’t thrilled about the development. They weren’t thrilled about Jordan going nuclear as well, in 2011.

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A Stick! A Bird! A Tree!–Books on Nature for Parents & Kids

10,000 Birds

“A stick! A stick!” ” With the pure energy of an almost two-year-old freed from weeks of isolation, my granddaughter was running across an empty field, proudly holding a newly discovered stick. It is one of my most ‘liked’ videos on social media (though, sadly, not taken by me) because–a stick! Who has not delighted in a stick?

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