Sun.Aug 12, 2018

Dress made from a refugee tent steals London fashion show

Green Prophet

British designer and humanitarian Helen Storey believes that fashion is an excellent vehicle to connect people to ­difficult subject matters. Last week, she sent a dress crafted from a former refugee tent down the runway at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel in Knightsbridge.

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I don’t.

Elephant Journal

I…don’t. yet) The cultural push toward “love” leaves acknowledgement of “aloneness” ignored. Commitment issues? Well, yeah. Losing friendships sucks. I do it regularly. When you’re older, like me, 44, you’ve lost dozens–hundreds–of good friends. Things change. Children. Marriages. Moving away. Awkward moments that lead to hurt and bad communication. I’m sure there’s other causes […].

2018 63

Champagne Production Threatened In Climate Change

Green Prophet

The world has been feeling the effects of global warming on food crops for a couple of decades already. Wheat and corn harvests are diminishing all over the planet, due to extreme weather changes and pests that thrive in heat.

FDA: No right upper abdominal or stomach pain and fullness Risk From Singulair

Conservation Hawaii

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Exploring Prague and Berlin by Train

Green Prophet

Are you planning on traveling to Europe but you are not sure of the places to visit? Also, do you wish to explore different places within one trip but have no idea how to move from one to the next? Worry not.

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