Sun.Sep 19, 2021

The Love Stories of Sleepy Lizards

Cool Green Science

“What’s that on the road?” I wonder out loud, squinting at the dark, oblong shape in the center of the red dirt track. A tree root? A rusted tail-pipe? A weird rock? As we slow down, I recognize the strange… The post The Love Stories of Sleepy Lizards appeared first on Cool Green Science.

Trees 95

Fantastic And Cost-effective Solutions To Waste Problems

Green Living Guy

A new term that’s expected to come regarding waste problems in the future in testing. Whether Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) WAC or other different approaches.

Waste 74

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Why we should support small fishing boats over super-trawlers, Part 2

Low Impact

Here’s Part 2 of my interview with Caroline Bennett, founder of ‘Sole of Discretion’, a community interest company that sells fish caught by a collective of small fishing boats in Devon. Here we talk about the life of small fishing boat skippers.

BLINK Charging Gone HQ 150

Green Living Guy

So my buddies at BLINK Charging just came out with a new home electric vehicle charging station. We think it’s so kick ass. I mean this HQ 150. So the Level 2, 32 Amp, electric vehicle (EV) charging station, charges faster than the standard charger. I mean even one that came with your EV.