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Birding Taman Negara, or the dubious joys of rainforest birding

10,000 Birds

Michael Herr (and other people before him) once stated that “War is long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.” When replacing “terror” with “excitement”, this sounds a lot like birding in tropical rainforests to me.

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Tips for giving the ultimate kind of charity

Green Prophet

Hydroponics farming is a good solution for growing food in countries where water is scarce. A USAID program gives training to local farmers so they can grow their own food and livelihood. This couple is from Jordan. .

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The Best Ways for Eco-Traveling

Green Prophet

The Best Ways for Eco-Traveling. Adult tricycles have never looked so sexy. Especially if you are peddling one for the environment. Parents use them to take their kids to school. Emissions counters use them for moving stuff safely and greenly around the city. Would you ride a trike?

Get to Know the Variety of Deck Railings

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Deck railings are highly visible, so you need to carefully consider the patterns, materials, and style. Railings on elevated decks are essential for safety purpose. Several railing designs are available that can transform your deck appearance. . Common materials applied for deck balustrade.

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