Fri.Jun 07, 2019

Off the boil: Mayor’s cashback scheme fails

Green (Living) Review

The Mayor has pulled the plug on a £10 million boiler cashback scheme as only two projects ever got off the ground – Caroline Russell AM discovered the money has been ‘diverted’ to business projects instead.

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Aslin Beer Company/Two Roads Brewing Company: Under the Wire

10,000 Birds

To birders, the search for raptors perched at the very tops of telephone poles, or for neatly arranged rows of sparrows or buntings sitting on the low-slung lines draped between them is one of the chief joys of any drive through the country.

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Graphic of the Day: If it quacks like a tax.

Environmental Economics

Econ 101: Tariffs ARE taxes.    That's all

2019 130

Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of June 2019?

10,000 Birds

Migration may be officially/unofficially over ( who’s in charge of calling these things anyway? ) but we can still hope for a few slowpokes and stragglers left to find. Get out there and shake the bushes–metaphorically, of course–to see what unexpected delights June may yet offer.

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