Thu.Nov 14, 2019

Birding in Nanhui, Shanghai in October 2019

10,000 Birds

Sometimes I am tired of words, tired of writing. So, this post just shows 25 birds I spotted at Nanhui (coastal Shanghai) in October 2019. Not all of them rare, but all of them interesting (at least for me).

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Savings Guidelines to Reduce Your Vacation Expenses in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Green Prophet

Having a blast while visiting Mount Pleasant does not always mean you have to spend a fortune. Mount Pleasant is a suburban community in Charleston County in the state of South Carolina.

How Amino Acid Supplements Can Enhance Your Fitness Regimen

Green Prophet

Starting a fitness routine is never easy, and you are going to hit many roadblocks along the way. In fact, it might be one of the most difficult journeys you’ll ever embark on, but it’s also very rewarding.

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