Fri.Nov 23, 2012

Omani Man Turns Palm Leaf Waste into Paper

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Lacking the necessary raw materials has been a major barrier to any kind of paper industry in Oman, but that could change if a young inventor commercializes his patented palm leaf waste to paper technology.

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Four Tips to Help You Save this Winter

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The following tips can help you save money throughout the year, but with winter almost upon us, saving money seems more important now than ever.

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Leaf-Shaped Market Square Filters Rainwater and Trash in Morocco

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While the souq or market is integral to Moroccan culture , they are frequently crowded and polluted as population density expands throughout the North African country.

Close Encounter With A Northern Saw-whet Owl

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I was on a rather lackluster birding outing in Kissena Corridor Park in Queens when I heard Blue Jays mobbing something.

COP18 and Four Degrees: Have We Passed The Point Of No Return?

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More and more studies highlight the truly drastic action we need to take at Doha to avoid four degree warming – but is it too late?

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Green gifting

Green (Living) Review

Handmade is best by Michael Smith (Veshengro) When it comes to gifting, whether for a birthday or for Christmas, Chanukah, etc., gifts that the giver has made him- or herself are more appreciated by the recipient than are bought goods. This is what a study seems to be suggesting and I am sure that this is the case.

Gluten Free Skincare Recipes

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When you think about wheat, barley, rye and oats what comes to mind? Bread, beer, whiskey and all that tasty stuff, right? Sadly, for many North Americans suffering from Celiac Disease, they have had to cut out all that goodness and replace it with Gluten-Free options.

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Solar Tool Developed for Cambridge Rooftops


The Cambridge Solar Tool shows Cambridge residents, businesses, and property owners how much electricity can be produced on their rooftops from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, how the financial investment will pay off, and how much pollution will be reduced.

Climate Change of 4 Degrees: Will Latin America Survive?


Increased high-intensity cyclones, reduced arable land and the loss of low-lying regions are just some of the possible consequences for Latin America and the Caribbean if global temperatures were to rise 4°C by 2100, according to the new study ‘ Turning down the Heat ' issued by the World Bank. An increase double that of the internationally recognized 2°C target, widely considered to be the tipping point after which environmental damage will be irreparable.