Wed.Jun 12, 2019

Who cares for your ducks in the winter?

10,000 Birds

I confess: I am a lister. I like seeing as many species as possible on my life list, year list, state list, patch list, any kind of list. So when each year begins, the first place I think of visiting is Lago de Cuitzeo (Cuitzeo Lake).

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Drone fishing, who needs a boat? VIDEO

Green Prophet

. Drones can clean plastic from the sea. Turns out they can do so much more: When you want to catch the Big One and don’t have a boat, what do you do? Use your drone. We ran into this man Avram “casting” his line out 400 yards (350 meters) at the Sea Port of Jaffa, in Tel Aviv. .

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Why Reusable Menstrual Products are Good for the Environment

Green Prophet

Do you use homemade pads or moon cups ? There are so many alternatives to wasteful products that choke our bodies and our natural environment. The environment is big news right now. Our oceans are full of plastic waste and there are bulging landfill sites all over the world.

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