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Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) deliberateLIFE is the brainchild of Fay Johnson Fay Johnson. She is the Founder & Chief Deliberator at deliberateLIFE Magazine.

The Life of Pi Film is a Visual Poem About Humans and Nature

Green Prophet

Can computer generated Bengal tigers help save the 1850 real ones which remain in the wild? The Life of Pi is a novel by Yann Martel, first published in 2001. It told the story of a boy whose family is shipwrecked while moving their private zoo’s animals from French India to Canada.

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What is the UK government's obsession of building new homes on the countryside?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) With an estimated 850,000 houses standing empty in the UK why do we have a government determined to build on the countryside? I read that the minister responsible has suggested that the country can afford to take the loss of "just" 2%-3% of the countryside. However that 2%-3% equates to an area roughly the size of Devon!!

Tigers Making a Comeback in Asia’s Wilds

Wend Magazine

Tigers in Thailand, Russia and India have found strong allies as governments in those countries have passed numerous laws protecting the endangered cats.

The Reflected Challenge

10,000 Birds

A couple of days in San Francisco over the New Year caused me to reflect on how much information we actually need to identify a bird. Corey’s devilish warbler quizzes have shown that some people, given the tiniest amount of detail, are capable of superhuman feats of recognition.

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The Yale Farm


Violence Against Women Act: The Other Cliff That Every Woman Should be Scared About

Eco Chic

What is this, 1913? Even though yesterday was a day of records and firsts for women as the 113th Congress opened , the 112th Congress’s failure to renew the Violence Against Women Act loomed over the day.

Battery-free Lamp for Developing Nations is Powered by Gravity


The GravityLight provides cheap, safe and environmentally-friendly light for areas with poor electricity access. In areas with poor access to electricity, many people rely on dangerous kerosene lamps once night falls.