Fri.May 22, 2020

Where Are You Birding This Fourth Weekend of May 2020?

10,000 Birds

Every week during the COVID crisis has felt like at least a month, but now that we’re deep into May, nobody is complaining. We should all savor this moment, one of the best birding periods of the year, bar none.

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CBD, the echinacea of 2020

Green Prophet

What we are experiencing as a human race is unprecedented. The COVID-19 crisis gives us lots of different challenges in how we face stress and anxieties. But before that, some might argue that their lives were more stressful being part of the daily grind.

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Sloop Brewing: Juice Bomb Northeastern IPA

10,000 Birds

As the peak of spring migration in the northern hemisphere, May is always an exciting but exhausting month for birders in North America.

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