Sun.Jun 09, 2019

White-breasted Waterhens in Singapore

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White-breasted Waterhens- Amaurornis phoenicurus phoenicurus are a bird species that you can easily find in Singapore in many locations. They can often be found foraging in the concrete drains as you can see in the header photo.

Life, Death & Bird Cam Drama at the Great Salt Lake

Nature Conservancy - Science

Season two of the Utah kestrel cam returns, with more drama than ever. Tune in now to see chicks in the nest! Birds & Birding Birds National Parks Nest Cams Wildlife

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New Edition of David Anderson's Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Management

Environmental Economics

Here is the description: The tools of environmental economics guide policymakers as they weigh development against nature, present against future, and certain benefits against uncertain consequences.

2019 130

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of June 2019)

10,000 Birds

Mid-June may be the most perfect time of year, offering maximum nice weather with minimal catastrophic natural events. Even the birding is decent. With a foundation this firm, you can’t help but have a great weekend, right? My daughter was in the mood to see Indigo Buntings , so she accompanied me on my annual visit to Rush Oak Openings. The Blue-winged Warblers I always look forward to seeing were heard-only, but those beauteous blue buntings made the trip a success.

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The future of green building in the Middle East looks backward

Green Prophet

Masdar – the ecotopia that never was. When Masdar, the space-age city in Abu Dhabi was in its planning stages, architects from Europe, building suppliers, advisors and energy creators were agog.

2019 82

Natural fabric wallpaper that hipsters and walls will love

Green Prophet

I was a 70s kid. I saw the days it took for my mother to put up her flower-power wallpaper. Back then wallpaper was a must, along with bell-bottoms, Velveeta on celery sticks, and Disco. And as I learned over the years: it is sort of permanent, so you better make a solid choice.

2019 72

We Need to De-clutter Now More than Ever

Green Prophet

Clutter is bringing us down and in fact causing us to buy more. Simplify is the key to a good, sustainable life. We live in a consumer society. Every developing nation wants to become one that can afford what to them are the luxuries of life.

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