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The Cooking Channel Goes Vegan with New Show on Jan. 6


The Cooking Channel is starting off the new year by diving headfirst into the world of veganism with their new show on plant based cooking. Read More The post The Cooking Channel Goes Vegan with New Show on Jan. 6 appeared first on Ecorazzi.

The Roommate Gap: Your City’s Occupancy Limit

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Portland, OR Skyline at Night, Photo Credit Pirtz. When The Real World filmed its 2013 season near downtown Portland recently, it did so in apparent violation of city law, which forbids more than six unrelated people from sharing a dwelling.

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Ne-Yo Goes Vegan for the New Year and for Animals


R&B artist Ne-Yo has declared that his new year's resolution is to go vegan. Read More The post Ne-Yo Goes Vegan for the New Year and for Animals appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegan ne-yo

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Eco Travel Morocco at Holistic Meditation Retreat in the Sahara

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The Sahara. It’s the world’s hottest desert and almost as large as China or the United States, so travelers have good reason to be wary of wandering into it alone. But adventurer Tom Thumb has organized another retreat in 2013 for those who want to experience the Sahara.

Starting the Year

10,000 Birds

In contrast to last year, when I began my year in tropical Cairns in Queensland, Australia, I began this year’s birding in my parent’s rural house in Cheshire in Northern England. Where Cairns was hot this place isn’t, but where Cairns was new Cheshire is familiar.

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Transform your Bathroom with a Beautiful Vanity

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Vanities have the power to completely transform the look and feel of a bathroom. For example, antique vanities help to create a classic old world feel while more modern vanities help to create a look that is sleek and fresh.

Happy 2013! A Good Year for Electric Cars

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Not a head turner but Mitsubishi’s new “buggy” MIEV all electric car is one of the best EV car deals. The year 2012 has been a mixed year as far as the success of various models of electric cars and hybrid cars go.

Field Research--Invasive species

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During my recent vacation (a whirlwind family tour of the Western Caribbean), I spent some time on the island of Roatan (off the coast of Honduras). 

Time to Try Something New?

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Time to Try Something New? I’ll be posting here regularly about community supported agriculture (CSA) and my own personal experiences with tasty, organic produce from my local CSA. Last week I was pretty excited to pick up my first bag of CSA goodies, and I have to say it did not disappoint.

New Utah Birders Site

10,000 Birds

The Utah Birders site is up and running and it is pretty darn nice. What will likely draw the most attention is that they have decided to include a “Rarity Database” with the following explanation: It is 2013 and there is no need for a committee to decide what sightings are relevant. Introducing the Utah Rare Birds Database, where ALL rare bird sightings are stored for you to interpret for yourself. Subjective birding? Is this the trend of the future? I hope not.

12 Resolutions to Live Greener & Healthier in 2013

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Yes, it’s that time when we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new one. Many resolutions have been made and most will be abandoned. If one of yours is to improve your. See the full post and more at Buying Green Environmental habits Green Living Healthy Living Recycling Green New Year's Resolutions

Football Player Bret Lockett Fights Fur By Going Naked with PETA


The Former New England Patriots player took part in PETA's campaign "Ink not Mink" and stripped down to reveal almost everything. Read More The post Football Player Bret Lockett Fights Fur By Going Naked with PETA appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Technology For The Electronically Green


There are a lot of myths out there that keep people from embracing or even considering making use of contemporary technology. In the following paragraphs we are going to do our best to dispel those myths. Myth #1: It’s Too Expensive. Twenty years ago computers were astronomically expensive.

Quadrantids: First Meteor Shower of 2013 Appearing Thursday


With a new year, comes new firsts and tomorrow you can experience the very first meteor shower of 2013! The Quadrantid meteor shower will appear early Thursday, Jan. However, Read More The post Quadrantids: First Meteor Shower of 2013 Appearing Thursday appeared first on Ecorazzi.