Wed.Apr 28, 2021

Heat in the Tropics

10,000 Birds

As the boreal migrants head north, breeding season for the residents and austral migrants is beginning to pick up. A friend of mine has been begging me to come over to document a nesting pair of Plumbeous Kites in her property but life has gotten in the way thus far.

Mapping Tree Inequality: Why Many People Don’t Benefit from Tree Cover

Nature Conservancy - Science

Trees provide valuable cooling services in cities, but they are not equally distributed. And the problem is worse than originally thought. The post Mapping Tree Inequality: Why Many People Don’t Benefit from Tree Cover appeared first on Cool Green Science.

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What Happened This Winter

10,000 Birds

Here it is, the end of April, and things are slowing down in the south. As I mention each year at this time, the beginning of the birding year, up north, is the end of Mexico’s peak birding season.

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Effective Ways to Use Your Storefront Window for Marketing

Green Prophet

Store owners install storefront windows for functional purposes. These practical uses include separating the interior of the store from the exterior. The storefront window and the door serves as the boundary or borders of the store. As such, one must select a type of glass that is hard to break.

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20 Benefits of Cycling: How Cycling Improves Your Health


It would interest you to know that regular physical activity can help you avoid serious diseases and illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, mental illness, obesity, arthritis, among many others. To stay in shape, you must be physically active, and cycling is one of the best ways to do so.