Wed.Jan 15, 2020

Best Birds of my First Year with 10,000 Birds

10,000 Birds

When it comes to one’s most exciting bird sightings, of course, it all comes down to context. I wouldn’t change my central Mexican endemics for any other region’s birds. But… Been there, done most of those.

2020 189

Is There a Bobcat in Your Backyard?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Bobcats are moving into our neighborhoods. Here’s why. Wildlife Mammal Watching Urban Conservation

2020 83

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Make Your Own Oat Milk At Home

Green Prophet

. Almond milk presents serious problems to the ecology: see our post about how the almond industry is devastating bees. Soy milk’s popularity slid down as soy’s effects on hormones, and its mostly GMO origins, are now known.

2020 81

A Monthly Budget is More Important Than You Think

Eco Friendly Daily

It’s normal for people to get stressed about financial matters. Stress is one of the great killers that can shorten your life and make you physically ill without you even realizing that stress is the cause.

2020 52

How Helpful is Technology When it Comes to Securing Your Home

Green Prophet

You probably don’t live in a grass hut in the middle of nowhere, so even as a green-minded person really need to think about common everyday things like keeping criminals out of your house. Home security devices have been around for several years now. Although these devices are not without their disadvantages most of it have been proven to be a boon than a bane.

2020 50

The Great Race to Rule Streaming TV

Green Prophet

Forest bathing is the best thing you can do in your down time (the Japanese do it, it’s a thing!) but if not nature then a good nature show on Netflix, Amazon or… ? Where to choose? The technological advancements influence us. Why do they have such a great pull on us? Our smartphone is a treasure we can’t lose. Binge-watching your favorite TV series is a popular sport. How did we get here? We get the answer to all these questions from psychology.

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