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Inner Diverse, Book 2 of The Splintered Universe NOW in Bookstores!

The Alien Next Door

Inner Diverse is now in bookstores! space adventure The Splintered Universe Trilogy paranormal fiction Inner Diverse Costi Gurgu science fiction thriller Rhea Hawke female detective science fiction and fantasy nina munteanu

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Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss and Optimal Health an Old Prophecy?

Green Prophet

Eat like a Paleo man? A pair of new medical books claim that a continual routine of restricted eating results in fat loss, increased longevity and improved overall health.

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Is the post-fossil fuel economy already emerging?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It is often said that cultural shifts only become clearly evident with hindsight. Thus I ask as to whether it is possible that the post-fossil fuel era has already begun? Indeed, for all the talk of insurmountable challenges and very real crises?both both ecological and economic in nature – there are also promising signs of a shift in how our global culture operates.

Blowing in the Wind: America’s Struggle to Hold On To Wind Energy

Green Home Blog

Blowing in the Wind: America’s Struggle to Hold On To Wind Energy. The American wind energy industry is hanging on, but only by a thread.

Air quality in Beijing was the worst ever measured on Earth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Air quality in China's capital on the weekend of January 11/12, 2013 was at levels judged hazardous to health and the worst ever measured on Earth. Authorities fear environmental concerns could spark social instability. The pollution was, in fact, about forty, that is four-zero, or in figures 40, times more than the limits set by The World Health Organization. Now, allow those headline to sink in for a moment.

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Complete FREE Permaculture Design Course

The Green Changemakers

Hello friends, I want to personally invite you to literally change the world. We are making the 72-hour permaculture design course available online completely without charge (this is normally $2000+ course!) and we need your support. Make no mistake - what we are about to do is absolutely unprecedented.

Dinner & a Show. ~ Sara Crolick | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

I'm not one to indulge in cotton candy normally. It's nauseatingly sweet and makes me think of the circus, which makes me think of dark, disturbing things?like like clowns. For this guy, I'd make an exception (prepare to be wowed

Mekong River Journey

The Green Changemakers

[link] Follow along as one Conservancy scientist takes his family on the adventure of a lifetime! Explore the Map Jeff Opperman, senior freshwater scientist, is taking a once-in-a–lifetime trip down the Mekong River in Southeast Asia with his wife and two children, ages 8 and 10. They're going to charter boats and visit villages along the way – an epic family adventure. Return here for updates and follow Jeff on Twitter.

A Love Letter to My Hamstrings. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

I was taught as a child to believe that my body was a temple. Then I thought that only meant I should treat it like a museum or somewhere quiet and uptight, somewhere solemn. What I believe now is that it is a temple to

What Humans Can Learn From Tadpoles:Regeneration of Lost Tissue


Tadpoles, the initial form taken by young amphibians such as frogs and salamanders, have an extraordinary quality which sets them apart from mammals. They are able to regenerate their tails should they be eaten by a predator. If a tadpole loses its tail, it will grow a new one within a week!

Good, Better, Best: Upcycled, Recycled, Biodegradable?


Our society has come a long way (but still has much further to go) in living more sustainably.