Thu.Jul 02, 2020

Birding the Bear Mountain of Serbia

10,000 Birds

A narrow forest road takes us to the chain blocking the entrance, with a sign “Area closed – bear danger”. Ranko Milanovic, Tara National Park ranger, leaves the car to open the passage. Small letters say: “removal of this sign is punishable”, but Ranko is authorised to take us in.

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What Jinn Are, And Why You Should Care

Green Prophet

In Western minds, jinn, or djinns, or genies – are Disney figures drawn out of the Orient’s mythical past. But belief in jinns as living creatures with supernatural forces thrives in modern times too.

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10 Steps to creating an e-commerce

Green Prophet

Let’s say you wanted to set up an online business to do something good for our planet. Like solar panels for every home and building. HOw do you start? Here are some tips. Shopping online is more popular than ever, and it is here to stay. .

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