Wed.Sep 30, 2020

A Reliable Birding Proverb

10,000 Birds

“Sit under a fruiting tree and birding shall be fruitful.” ” After spending the last couple months chasing migratory shorebirds, I was aching for some forest birding.

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Amazon rainforest cruises will touch your heart and soul

Green Prophet

Intimate and wild cruises on the Amazon. I have been on a few alternative cruises in my life. In Turkey, Costa Rica, Canada, Thailand. There are some destinations where a river cruise is about the only way you can get to see the true nature of the place.

2020 52

Where I Went Birding that Third Weekend of September 2020

10,000 Birds

Faithful fans of 10,000 Bird will know that each Friday Mike invites us to comment where we plan to go birding that weekend. On Friday, September 18th of this year, I commented that I planned to go try out a new site, Las Mesas, which my biologist friend Jonathan Vargas had noticed on Google Maps.

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