Wed.Feb 24, 2021

Come to India With Babita Wildlife Tours!

10,000 Birds

You may have read my recent piece on Birding the Okavango Delta in Botswana here on 10,000 Birds. If you did you may have gathered that I have a love affair with that wonderful place. However, I have another ongoing love affair, with India.

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There’s a Koala in the Backyard

Nature Conservancy - Science

A koala is the peak of Australian backyard wildlife. But this wildlife sighting is bittersweet. The post There’s a Koala in the Backyard appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Asia Pacific Endangered Species Forests Urban Conservation

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Very Special Birds

10,000 Birds

When I got back into birding about six years ago, I would not have predicted the personal bonds a birder can form with certain species. While all birds bring us joy, and we certainly want to see as many as we can, some species just seem more… special.

Greek oil spill creates black plague on Israeli beaches

Green Prophet

A tanker from Greece dumped its bilge and catastrophic amounts of tar and oil are clogging Israel’s beaches. A current ban from Mediterranean seafood and fish is in effect as the public scrambles to clean up the tar.

6 Tips to Establishing a New Business from Scratch

Green Prophet

Looking to start a DIY solar energy business and want to know how to build it sustainably from the inside and out? . The idea of starting your own business comes across our minds quite often. However, we tend to abandon the thought because we think that it is something that involves a lot of risks.

Understanding Organic Mattress Labels

Green Prophet

. Is it bamboo, cotton, sustainably harvested, organically grown? Know your labels when you buy a new mattress. If you are starting to research getting a new mattress, you have probably run across the growing niche of organic mattresses.