Thu.Aug 22, 2019

The 20 most common birds in Shanghai (Part 2)

10,000 Birds

Today`s post is a continuation of last week`s – an introduction to Shanghai`s 20 most commonly seen birds. After getting to the letter C last week in a roughly alphabetical order, I will show the second 10 species today.

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Follow the bouncing ball of ethanol policy

Environmental Economics

I'm just going to leave this here. I have no idea where to start.  POET announced today it will idle production at its bioprocessing facility in Cloverdale, IN due to recent decisions by the Administration regarding SREs.

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Lightyear Leadership

Blue Earth

I am a new advisor to Lightyear Leadership and the company is transforming people and organizations with a growth mindset via the Lightyear Hub and consulting services. Organizations implementing Lightyear include Lululemon, Earls Restaurants, Stance and of course here at Longboard Capital. If you are ready to dig deep and do the work to create a future for yourself, your family and colleagues that would not have otherwise existed, check out

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How To React When You Are In A Car Accident

Green Prophet

You might be more aware by driving an electric or self-driving car, but that doesn’t put you above the law. What to do if you get in an accident!

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How Women’s Rights and Environmental Destruction Go Hand-in-Hand

Eco Chic

(Image courtesy of Pixabay). We’ve got it all wrong — Our efforts to conquer nature have brought us to the brink of ecological collapse. And that’s inextricably tied to the long-abusive relationship between men and women.

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