Thu.Nov 07, 2019

Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act Symposium in Journal of Economic Perspectives

Environmental Economics

The most recent issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives features a three-article symposium on the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

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The possibilities of pallets and pallet wood

Green (Living) Review

2019 130

How to Bird on Crutches

10,000 Birds

Clearly, it is easier said than done. And after three decades of walking on crutches, I still do not know how to answer the title question.

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Going Green: How to Make Your Los Angeles Property More Eco-Friendly

Green Prophet

What if we all treated our homes like its own environment, a little biosphere. Would we be kinder to the planet? Many people from across the globe are becoming more aware of the environment we live in and what we can do to help save the planet.

5 Tech Investments That Are a Must For Your Startup

Green Prophet

Artificial Intelligence is used in this biodome to grow bio-organic food with zero waste using the Eddy robot by flux. For startups everywhere, there a few tech tools that simply aren’t negotiable; these are must-haves for your success in business.

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