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Eco-Friendly Universities Are Leading the Way to Sustainability in the U.S.

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Educating young people in how to go green is a great step in the right direction toward an eco-friendly future. We can tell students to read on a website that renewable energy and eating organically are good for the environment.

It’s Baby Steps for Saudi’s Biggest Solar Plant

Green Prophet

Built anywhere else, a 3.5 MW photovoltaic solar plant wouldn’t even elicit a whisper from mainstream news outlets. But one completed in Saudi Arabia has set the wires ablaze. We don’t mean to be cynical. It’s great that Saudi has turned to solar, regardless of its intentions.

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The Ugliest Tax Table in America

Sightline Daily

Turkish Architects Reveal Plans for Renewable Energy-Generating Mosque

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Surrounded by mountains, Turkey’s fourth largest city, Bursa, is already one of the country’s most verdant metropolises — and it’s about to get a little bit greener.

WATCH: Zachary Quinto Premieres Pet Rescue Film ‘Dog Eat Dog’


In this quirky adorable short, Quinto, an animal lover and rescuer, showcases animal adoption. Read More The post WATCH: Zachary Quinto Premieres Pet Rescue Film ‘Dog Eat Dog’ appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured Film/TV News zachary quinto

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Hurricane Sandy has become the climate change lobby's besty

Environmental Economics

At the risk of equating all natural disaster costs with climate change I'll share this (since I approve its message): Dealing with global warming will be expensive. The price tag last year for the drought was about $35 billion, according to the reinsurer Aon Benfield.

Snow Way

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Snow Way. Just as in summer when sustainable gardens reap abundance so too does winter display its eco-potential. From drinking water to ice storage, snow is an environmental gift. Most people, however, find snow a nuisance and will go to any length to remove it.

Update on letting a coin toss decide my future

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Freakonomics : Our latest Freakonomics Radio podcast is called “Would You Let a Coin Toss Decide Your Future?”. In it, Stephen Dubner grills Steve Levitt about a new project called Freakonomics Experiments. Levitt blogged about it here and stopped by Marketplace last week.)

Methane Bubbles Trapped in Arctic Ice Are Gorgeous and Explosive

Wend Magazine

…and they contribute to the greenouse gases suffocating the planet. The photos in the NPR article are gorgeous, but the information behind them is disconcerting. Apparently, the total methane that could be unleashed from these frozen lakes is ten times more than is already in the atmosphere.

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, January 31 | Conservancy Talk

Conservancy Talk

Where can you find green news on animal smuggling, a questionable sea turtle farm and detergent carcinogens? Why, in your Cool Green Morning, of course. Procter & Gamble agrees to remove a carcinogen in one of its

Conservative economists heart carbon taxes

Environmental Economics

According to the National Journal : A number of the nation’s leading conservative economists, who as a rule do not like taxes, are touting some benefits to a federal carbon tax. That group includes Gregory Mankiw, a former Romney adviser and George W. Bush-era chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors;  Douglas Holtz-Eakin , Sen. John McCain’s 2008 chief economic adviser; and Art Laffer , progenitor of Reagan’s treasured Laffer Curve. Such a tax could raise an estimated $1.5

Cars and Refrigerators Can Work Together - Compass

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We've sure come a long way since Henry Ford. Ford has unveiled a partnership with Eaton, SunPower, Whirlpool, and the thermostat company Nest Labs that aims to launch a collaborative tool for consumers called MyEnergi

New Orleans Pelicans

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This is awesome: New Orleans changing its NBA nickname from Hornets to Pelicans was not a secret. But the logo and color scheme was, until today. New Orleans on Thursday officially unveiled its new nickname, logo and color scheme, capturing the essence of New Orleans and the Gulf and spotlighting the ecological concerns of the region.

Why the US Coal Industry is So Worried

Sightline Daily

The last few days has seen a flurry of boosterish news accounts about the coal industry, suggesting that demand overseas can make up for the steep decline at home. It all has something of an “ I’m not dead yet ” ring to it.

XinZhao Li Snaps Rare Photos of Remote Tajik People in China

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Taskurgan is an unforgiving place. Located at 10,140 feet in the Pamir mountain range on the borders of Afghanistan and Tajikistan , close to Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan, this small autonomous Kashgar Prefecture county in Xinjiang, China is cold, the winters are long, and food is hard to come by.

NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ Makes Rescue Dog Series Regular


One of NBC's newest shows, 'Chicago Fire,' has added an adorable rescue dog as a series regular. Read More The post NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ Makes Rescue Dog Series Regular appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Entertainment Film/TV News Top News

increase your energy with good food!

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How many of us wish we had more ENERGY? Unfortunately, the answer is probably TOO MANY. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to low energy: dehydration, not enough sleep, lack of physical activity, stress, and poor dietary habits.

Ewan McGregor to Narrate New Series ‘Wild Scotland’


Scotland’s own Ewan McGregor has announced that he will narrate a new nature series focused on the natural beauty of the country. Titled “Wild Scotland,” McGregor will narrate a four-part Read More The post Ewan McGregor to Narrate New Series ‘Wild Scotland’ appeared first on Ecorazzi. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News david attenborough ewan mcgregor

Specially Treated Cotton Can Harvest Water From Fog


Fog harvesting’ for water isn’t a new technique. People use netting to capture fog droplets, which are then collected in a container. The process is hardly efficient, but thanks to a special treatment for cotton, it may become a viable solution for obtaining water in desert regions.

Facebook Users Come to ‘Gay’ American Bulldog’s Rescue [UPDATE]


A rescue labeled as a gay American Bulldog sparks Facebook campaign to save him from being put down today. Read More The post Facebook Users Come to ‘Gay’ American Bulldog’s Rescue [UPDATE] appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Greedy Lying Bastards- Trailer


Timberland Empowers Local Farmers and Communities By Planting Millions of Trees in Haiti

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We’ve always been impressed with Timberland’s commitment to do well and do good. (We We happen to dig their footwear , too.) So we weren’t exactly surprised to learn of their most recent feat: The company planted 2.2

Colbert Tackles Global Warming, Hilariously!

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