Tue.Dec 18, 2012

Warning: This Picture May Cause Climate Change

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A quiet little technology blog called Upworthy just posted a pie chart that, despite the solid pedigree of its source data, is likely to provoke debate so heated it may accelerate climate change.

Smoking is (good) for the birds

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Back in the 1980s, it became popular for biologists to consider plant secondary compounds in understanding inter-species relationships and other ecological matters.

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Palestinians Celebrate Green Innovation

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Last week was the annual ‘Made in Palestine 2012’ fair showcasing local Palestinian innovations. Now in its seventh year, the fair was co-sponsored by the Swedish NGO Diakonia and by Al Nayzak, a Palestinian organization.

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Manual Address Book

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Part of the series (S)Low Tech vs. High Tech by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In today's digital world we all – well not all of us really but a great many of us – rely and depend on our contacts list via computers or cell phones, whether stored on the device or online, and often this address book is only backed up digitally as well, if at all.

Israeli Fuel Company Tries Out Gasoline – Methanol Fuel Mixture

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A woman fills up car in Haifa with methanol and gasoline fuel mixture. More bang for her buck? Photo: Haaretz/David Bachar. Alternative car fuel mixtures have been talked about for years.

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Catching CO2 the Saudi Way?

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Saudi Arabia has a lofty goal of storing CO2 by increasing oil recovery and reducing waste. . Carbon capture utilization has become one of the most innovative means of recycling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the globe, but has largely remained an untouched endeavor in the Middle East.

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Welcome, Winter


Four days till Solstice. Welcome, Winter. Welcome the reign of the Holly King. This Winter Solstice 2012, the world cycle begins anew Again. Yet again. The Holly King is portrayed here by Bret Gold, a friend of a friend. I’ve never seen finer.). Animism Spiritual Ecopsychology 2012 Celtic earth holly king Pagan spirituality wheel of the year winter solstice

Tufted Duck at Huntington Harbor, New York

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After a Tufted Duck was reported yesterday on Long Island I did some figuring and realized that I could go find the bird this morning before work and still, provided traffic wasn’t totally horrific, get to work in New Jersey on time.

Tradeable quotas in Virginia fisheries

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My students and I will be reading this in the spring semester:  Nash, Betty Joyce, The Fish Market , Region Focus, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Third Quarter 2011. I like this picture

I and the Bird: Gimme a Jay!

10,000 Birds

Green. Unicolored. Jays are among the most charismatic and appreciated families of birds in the world. Though many are common, few fail to elicit oohs and ahhs when they swoop into feeding stations en masse to gorge on sunflower seeds and suet. We love their attitudes. We love their colors.

Updating the vita: part 2

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It looks like Economic Inquiry is trying to work through their backlog of accepted papers. The January 2013 issue has 64 +/- articles. Here is the official citation to the 59th article, pages 1012 - 1025 of 1099: WHITEHEAD, J. JOHNSON, B. MASON, D. and WALKER, G.

Getting the Bill – Taste, Touch and Smell in Birds

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One of the defining characteristics of birds, besides the obvious features of wings and feathers, is their bills. And they come in a wonderful smorgasbord of different shapes and sizes.

John's not the only adminstrator who can brag about his research productivity today

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Castilla, Carolina and Timothy Haab. "Limited "Limited Attention to Search Costs in the Gasoline Retail Market: Evidence from a Choice Experiment on Consumer Willingness to Search" Am. 2013) 95(1): 181-199 doi:10.1093/ajae/aas131.

Israel’s Animal Abuse Story in Tnuva Meat Plant Causes Furor

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Caught by Kolbotek’s hidden camera: a former dairy cow gets shocked on the way to being slaughtered.

Picture of the Day

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If you are thinking about attending the AERE Summer Conference in Banff , er, don't feed the bears? Photo Credit: Lynne Lewis and Carol Mansfield

Meet the Minimalists

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Courtesy The Minimalists My Year of Nothing New experiment has not only altered my relationship with stuff, it’s opened my eyes to all kinds of people—and whole movements—dedicated to simplifying their lives and breaking out of joyless consumerist mindsets.

Updating the vita

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Souk: Lebanese Street Food Served in Contemporary Athens

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A new trend is emerging throughout the Mediterranean and we kinda like it: a growing number of food artists and restauranteurs are bringing street food indoors.

A shortage in the labor market for economists

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From The Chronicle of Higher Education : New job openings for economists increased by 2.7 percent this year over last year, according to the American Economic Association. The increase followed two years of growth that returned the annual number of new jobs to prerecession levels.

Palestinian Villagers and Israeli Environmentalists Join Forces to Protect Ancient Artefacts

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Palestinian villagers have joined forces with Israeli environmentalists to stop the separation wall from destroying ancient agricultural artefacts which will soon be declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Cartoon for the Pigou Club

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via gregmankiw.blogspot.com.

last-minute green gift ideas!

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If you are struggling with last minute gift ideas, why not give someone the gift of sustainability? Gifting family and friends attractive, sustainable goodies will by provide them with reusable items and encourage them to make their lives greener everyday!

An anti-carbon tax pledge?

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With the election over, it's nice to get climate policy back in the news: Conservative groups pressed lawmakers in a Wednesday letter  to oppose all proposals to enact a carbon tax. The organizations pushed back against proposals for a "revenue neutral" carbon tax, a design that some policy experts have floated as a way to win support from fiscal conservatives.

Climate Change Deaths Show Biggest Increase in Mortality Study


Even as one in four deaths worldwide in 2010 was caused by heart disease or stroke the top two killers that have remained constant for the past 40 years human mortality caused by climate change has shown the most dangerous spurt over the last four decades.

Healthy Holiday Breakout Solutions

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Breakouts aren’t only for teenagers. This time of year is taxing on everyone’s skin.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Continue to Rise Worldwide


Global carbon emissions rose again last year by 3.1 percent in 2011 and are predicted to rise again this year by 2.6 percent, according to a study released by the Global Carbon Project in early December during the COP18 international climate talks in Doha, Quatar.