Mon.Jul 27, 2020

My comment on the Desvousges, Mathews and Train (2015) adding-up test article has been published at Ecological Economics

Environmental Economics

I first wrote about this in September 2016. I then submitted the comment to Land Economics. The editor sent me the results of an internal review and I revised it accordingly. Then he sent it out for external review and it received a favorable review in February 2017.

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How Much Home Loan Can I Get on 35,000 Salary?

Green Prophet

Start a green business, inside a tiny home. Keeping expenses and overhead low. No matter if you are in Turkey, India or the United States – everyone wants to live within their means and know how much home they can afford, especially in tough and uncertain times like these. .

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Why Businesses Should Go Green With Their Architectural Plans

Green Prophet

Moshe Safdie, Metalocus in China. Many conventional buildings that were built these days were designed with that modern and futuristic look. But, behind these looks is also the increased demand for energy production.

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