Mon.May 20, 2019

Welcome Our Newest Beat Writer, Paul Lewis

10,000 Birds

When Paul Lewis reached out to us asking if we were interested in some blog posts about birding in Mexico we were psyched! After all, the beat writer who had been posting about Mexican birds, the amazing Tom, has moved from Mexico and we didn’t have anyone writing about the birds there.

2019 141

Abstract Monday: Correcting On-Site Sampling Bias

Environmental Economics

Today's entry in Abstract Monday is a little technical, but it's a problem I've been interested in for a long time, and it looks like my and John's former colleague, Ju-Chin Huang* , and co-author have found an improvement (if not solution). 

2019 130

Twenty-Four Hours of Awesome Part One: A Burrowing Owl?!?!?!

10,000 Birds

I was home on Thursday evening hanging out with Desi. Daisy was working late and my mother-in-law had kindly started to make me some spicy ramen for dinner.

2019 141

Tons of trash left at picnic sites by Israelis after Passover

Green Prophet

Israel’s recent Passover holiday period, which also included opening season visits to beaches and various picnic sites, is still being dealt with by national park and forestry employees long after holiday goers returned home.

2019 87

Golan wolves make local farmers howl with rage

Green Prophet

Wolves are largely a protected species in Israel and are not creatures that one would expect to find in this part of the world.