Tue.Nov 20, 2012

Green Israeli Design for Russia’s Nikola-Lenivets Artist Community

Green Prophet

Israeli eco-innovation is spreading to all reaches of the planet, often sowing great green seeds where it touches down.

Robert Redford Unveils College Program for Eco-Changemakers


Environmentalist Robert Redford has teamed up with Pitzer College to create the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability. Read More The post Robert Redford Unveils College Program for Eco-Changemakers appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News robert redford

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Test day disaster mitigation

Environmental Economics

Mankiw is the source of the disaster

The Domestic Turkey and the First Thanksgiving

10,000 Birds

This is the time of year that we rightfully contemplate the noble Turkey.

WATCH: Mercy for Animals Airs Commercial on Butterball Abuse


Mercy for Animals knows just how to get people to think twice about eating turkey this Thanksgiving. Read More The post WATCH: Mercy for Animals Airs Commercial on Butterball Abuse appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News

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Publication of Enduring Quality?

Environmental Economics

PhD advisee and now Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Matt Winden, sent me this picture from his explorations at the Southern Economics Association Meetings (in New Orleans) book displays.

Surfing and Birding

10,000 Birds

Ok, so just to prove that you can do birding anywhere and anyhow, check this out. Two of my favorite pastimes are birding and surfing. Even though I’m probably more accomplished at other pursuits – like table-tennis! – these are my mistresses.

A forensic economics question

Environmental Economics

What caused our massive spike in visits on October 22, 2012? Surely, not this 10/22 post: [link] ? Is Tim's family that large

Hurricane Sandy: Our Brush with the ‘New Normal’

Green Home Blog

Hurricane Sandy: Our Brush with the ‘New Normal’. Swimming yellow cabs On October 29 th , 2012 my wife, two children and I sat in the wake of a week’s worth of what I thought was media sensationalism, until we woke the next morning.

Walter is on Hiatus

10,000 Birds

Though 10,000 Birds readers across the world will likely be made sad by this Walter is taking a break from 10,000 Birds for awhile in order to recharge and come back with even better stuff. We’ll miss his wonderful images and eagerly await his return. Until then, why don’t you browse his archive here on 10,000 Birds or check out his blog ? Asides Beat on Assignment

The Chips are Down on 5-a-Day

Green (Living) Review

23% of Brits think chips count as vegetables 70% don’t eat 5-a-day 1 in 4 (26%) think five portions of the same fruit or vegetable meets daily requirements Nearly one quarter of Brits (23%) believe that chips count as a portion of vegetables, according to new 5-a-day research released by Sainsbury's to mark their support of the Government's Responsibility Deal announced today, which aims to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables amongst Brits.

I survived NOLA

Environmental Economics

I'm back from attending the Southern Economic Association meetings in New Orleans, LA. I got back home Sunday night at 10:30 and was in the office around 8 on Monday morning. Thank goodness I'm administering exams this week as my head and nerves are shot. Here is the debriefing: I arrived in NOLA after dinner time on Thursday night. I still managed to eat some spicy shrimp, a half dozen broiled oysters and a bowl of gumbo with Abita Amber to wash it down.

Utilise Government Grants To Make Homes Greener Urges green energy uk

Green (Living) Review

Cavity wall insulation, draught proofing and changing bulbs to lower energy alternatives are all ways to reduce energy consumption and become greener. However, some of these methods may require a significant financial outlay but rather than turning to a bank for a loan people should consider one of the many grants and funds set up by the government which should be utilised, urges sustainable energy supplier green energy uk.

Follow-up to "California’s First Greenhouse Gas Auction"

Environmental Economics

Kate Cell in the comments : Union of Concerned Scientist has a climate economist in California, Jasmin Ansar. She recently posted on this subject - [link] I expect she'll have some interesting news today when the auction results are released. Next day: Jasmin sent these headlines from the auction results yesterday: Price $10.09. All of 2013 allowances sold, about 14% of 2015 allowances sold. The floor price was $10.

Worldwide, Communities Defy King Coal's Global Expansion.

Sierra Club Compass

For the past few years, the Beyond Coal campaign has been working with local activists across the United States to finally move our country off coal. But now, coal companies are in a dead sprint to build 1231 new dirty

Going Cold Turkey on Black Friday

Sightline Daily

Wattpublishing, Flickr.com. It was last year around this time that I decided 2012 would be a year of buying nothing new.

Canadian Clean Energy Initiative Under Attack - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

In a deeply troubling decision reported this week, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has issued a confidential ruling against Ontario's successful ?feed-in feed-in tariff? incentives program that is designed to reduce carbon pollution

Eco-Friendly DIY Decorations for Thanksgiving

Green Living Ideas

As Thanksgiving swiftly approaches, the store aisles are overflowing with cute decorations to put your home in the mood for the holiday.

Dramatic Bird Migration on View at Israel’s Hula Valley

Green Prophet

The Hula Valley Bird Park offers unique bird and nature-watching opportunities. We birdwatchers sat in a covered safari wagon as lines of cranes criss-crossed the evening sky.

I am Thankful for Smoke-Free Spaces in New York City

Green Living Ideas

I have a bone to pick with Japan…the indoor smoking is out-of-control. A different type of smoke, sacred smoke, in Japan. I know. I know. Who am I to tell an entire country to stop smoking in public spaces? I don’t mean to be that person. I also don’t want to offend anyone.

Better Place EV Company May Turn Into EV Gas Station

Green Prophet

Israel’s electric car company Better Place is going to experience an overhaul, and will manage its existing resources in a new way, according to Evan Thornley, the company’s new CEO who just moved to Israel from Australia.

Karvt’s Beautiful Wood MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone Covers: LOVE!!

Eco Chic

My last laptop was covered—festooned, plastered, personalized—with stickers. Stickers on top of stickers, for bands, great coffeehouses, Fair Trade USA, environmental organizations, and Elephant Journal.

Delicious French Lentil Dip Recipe


It may be silly to suggest cooking dried legumes when you can get them ready to eat in a can. Read More The post Delicious French Lentil Dip Recipe appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegan

Sydney Saves on Lighting Costs and Gas Emissions


Bicentennial Park in Glebe has become the first park in Sydney, Australia, to be installed with new GE LED lights.

Green Energy Too Safe -A Spoof


Denmark Scraps Fat Tax in Victory for Big Food


Denmark has scrapped the world’s first “fat tax”, which was charged on foods high in saturated fats , after just one year. Plans to introduce a tax on sugar have also been abandoned.

Breast Cancer and Depression


UCLA researchers have received a $5 million grant from the National Cancer Institute for a study aimed at developing a risk profile for breast cancer survivors likely to suffer from depression. The prevalence of depression among survivors is three to five times greater than in the general population.

Monster Energy Drinks Come Under Scrutiny


A long day at the office or an all-nighter to meet a deadline has driven many to consume so-called energy drinks. These canned beverages, mostly fueled by caffeine, are the fastest growing segment of the beverage market according to an article at Forbes.com. According to the U.S.