Sat.Aug 01, 2020

A Morning of Birding in Costa Rica, July, 2020

10,000 Birds

These are times of unfamiliar circumstances and in more ways than one. As the tide of climate disaster keeps rising, protests continue, and economies fall into recession, we move through time and space in a limbo of anxiety and uncertainty. These are the pandemic doldrums, a situation where horizons are muddled by the fogs of worry. As with any barrier, a sharp tool is required to cut through, to perceive the possibilities on the other side.

2020 158

Collaborative List – July 2020

10,000 Birds

Have you noticed that “pishing” is far less efective when one is wearing a mask? Do you think that the pish is muted, dispersed or in some other way deprived of its urgency? Anyone got a mask tanline yet? 8 countries were birded by 11 beats and I am delighted to include Faraaz and Trinidad and Tobago in those stats.

2020 114