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Tiny Electric Vehicle Rental Program Could Reduce Tel Aviv Pollution

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The Tel Aviv municipality is considering a plan to rent out small electric vehicles on a short term basis to cut down on air pollution , clear the roads and free up parking.

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West Elm’s Living Green Wall is a First in Kuwait

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It is almost certain that a new green wall installed in Kuwait is the emirate’s very first. The 175 square foot vertical garden was installed in The Avenue Mall’s West Elm store to mark the first time the American furnishings company has opened an international branch.

Africa’s Elephants Facing Extinction, says Jane Goodall


Conservationist Jane Goodall is urging the world to stop the illegal ivory trade - or face the complete extinction of Africa's elephants. Read More The post Africa’s Elephants Facing Extinction, says Jane Goodall appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News jane goodall

A Green Arab Documentary from Beirut to Make Arab World Sustainable

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Students from the American University of Beirut have worked with the Forum for Environment and Development to create a documentary on the environmental challenges facing the Arab world. The youth of the Arab world have had a particularly inspiring – if turbulent – last couple of years.

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Reduce demand, not boost demand

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We must reduce demand and not boost it for the sake of the Planet by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Governments and the International Labor Organizations are saying that we must boost demand to stimulate and grow the economy. That, however, is not sustainable. The Planet is finite, and this is a fact that everyone has to come to realize and understand and it cannot grow. Thus we must create a constant economy and not a constantly growing economy. It is as simple as that.

Keeping Your Holiday Green

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Keeping Your Holiday Green. This time of year can be frightfully fun. If you are one to embrace the whole ambiance and good cheer of holiday festivities it can sometimes come with a price. Many people feel so carefree and joyful at this time they can forget about their green role. However, there is no better time to keeping your holiday green than right now.

Energy-Saving Tips for Winter

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Winter brings cold weather and increased costs for heating homes. Here are five simple things you can do to keep those costs under control. Adjust Your Thermostat You can save money on heating costs by adjusting your thermostat to the lowest comfortable setting. This is very individual, so I am not recommending any particular temperature. [.]. how to go green saving energy saving money conserve energy reduce heating costs save energy save money

The Rusty Squirrel-Hawk AKA Ferruginous Hawk

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The Ferruginous Hawk ( Buteo regalis ) is truly a regal bird. Sporting a 56 inch wingspan, it is the largest of the Buteos. They inhabit the grasslands, shrub steppes, and deserts of western and central North America. Click on photos for full sized images.

Daily Demand and Supply: Supply increases lower prices

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What happens when supply increases outweigh any demand increases?    Prices fall of course*: Gas Price in Columbus, OH 12/19/2012. Gas prices have plummeted 46 cents a gallon over the past two months, according to a survey released Sunday.

24 Hours in Bangkok; Bang Pra

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Well, I made it to the UK and am now enjoying the cold and dark in what should be my winter. No matter, the warm fire and comforts of home are nice, as is the winter birding here. On the way I managed to sneak in a manic day of birding in and around the capital of Thailand, Bangkok.

Animal Abuse Horrific for Livestock Sent from West to Middle East Ports

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Live export controversy hits Middle East with full force: Australia may be merciful when raising its cattle at home. That all changes once they head to the Middle East market. .

Fake Eagle in Fake Video

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Thanks to a slow news day, millions of people have already heard of the video of a Golden Eagle grabbing a child in Canada. Obviously, if you’re reading about it here, you know a bit more about birds than the average aficionado of internet hoaxes. Consider some expert testimony: Greg Laden offers up many excellent reasons why the video may or may not be plausible and Kenn Kaufman assures us that the bird isn’t even a Golden Eagle. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Watch: Golden Eagle Briefly Snatches Baby Off Golf Course


Earlier this fall, we had a live shark fall on a golf course - and now? A baby was almost snatched up by a golden eagle. People - stay away from golf courses. Read More The post Watch: Golden Eagle Briefly Snatches Baby Off Golf Course appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals News Top News

Tips to make bike commuting in the winter more fun

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You know you want to brag to some snotty kids some day that, “back in my day, I biked to school, uphill both ways, in the snow and rain…and I LIKED IT!”

The End of Big Trees?


When I was a small lad there was a stately old tree in our backyard. My little sister and I practically lived in it — it was our lair, our fortress, our stairway to the sky. Decades later, I sometimes recalled that regal giant as I studied rainforest trees in the Amazon.

more last minute green gift ideas!

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One of the best ways to show your loved ones you care during the holiday season is to buy them s**t. Literally. Through Oxfam America’s Unwrapped program you can give a gift of manure to a farmer in the developing world, helping them replenish the soil and grow healthy organic crops.

Living Christmas Trees, Delivered and Replanted for Free


Christmas trees are considered an integral part of the festive season for many, but most vendors sell trees that have already been cut down, meaning that by the time they reach peoples’ living rooms the decomposition process is well underway.

13 Ways We Can All Cultivate a Better Food System in 2013

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Image via Flickr User.craig. Guest Post by Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson, Food Tank: The Food Think Tank As we start 2013, many people will be thinking about plans and promises to improve their diet and health.

Everything old is New Again: Society for the Prevention of Useless Giving

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Have you heard about The Society for the Prevention of Useless Giving ? Well, according to this great article from Treehugger , an awesome group of people got together in 1911 to, “eliminate, by co-operative effort, the custom of giving indiscriminately at Christmas, and to further in every way the true Christian spirit of unselfishness and independent thought, good-will, and sympathetic understanding of the real needs of others.”And