Mon.Dec 31, 2012

Mushroom Farmers Start to Sprout Up in Iraq

Green Prophet

While they might not completely satisfy the Middle East vegetarian , Iraq’s Kurds have found a lucrative new way to cash in on year-round crops, which require no chemicals or pesticides: they have turned to mushroom farming, reports the local paper rudaw.

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Your Best Birds of the Year for 2012

10,000 Birds

On this final day of 2012 it is time, just like it was on the final days of 2010 and 2011 , to share your Best Birds of the Year.

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Middle Eastern Green Traditions Hold Key To Future – A Case Study

Green Prophet

What role can traditional knowledge play in climate adaptation in the Arab Region?

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Giving Back to Earth

Green Home Blog

Giving Back to Earth. Three hundred sixty four days a year, we humans take some part of Mother Earth to sustain ourselves. Mostly, it’s food, but fuel for our vehicles is another big bite.

First Bird of 2013

10,000 Birds

What was your first bird of 2013? Let us know in the comments…and, if you wrote a blog post or have a picture of your first bird of the year online somewhere, well, leave a link in the comments too. Happy New Year from all of us at 10,000 Birds! And here’s hoping you see many great birds, including lots of lifers, in 2013! After all, 2012 was a pretty great year and there is no reason 2013 can’t be the same! Asides first bird of the year

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Top Ten (Sightline) Hits of 2012

Sightline Daily

Photo credit Kaptain Amerika. Okay, we knew lots of you were into bikes, and it shows. But, more generally, it looks like Sightline readers simply favor posts about getting around. As we close out 2012, we’re taking a look back at the most popular Sightline articles of the year.

The Environment and the Invisibility Ring of Gyges

Green Prophet

My precious ring! King Gyges of Lydia ruled over what is now western Turkey from 716 BC to 678 BC. The legend of his rise to power began when the young shepherd Gyges entered a cave and found a magical ring which gave him the power of invisibility.

5 Easy Ways to Keep it Green in 2013

Green Living Ideas

I had a an exceptionally fun morning Christmas Day on the set of Good Day NY on FOX 5. I talked with Dave Price and Anna about keeping it green in 2013. Watch GD Meg on FOX Good Day NY. Remember those reusable bags. because.

As Sanctions Hit Iranians, Iranians Hit Hard Drugs Harder

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World powers be what they may have put a heavy hand on Iran and as the sanctions hit the people with economic woes, they are moving away from more expensive “pain relief” drugs such as opium to harder, synthetic stuff, the Financial Times reports.

Sandford at UCS: Another Record Breaking Year for Climate Change


It's virtually certain that 2012 will be the warmest year on record for the continental United States. When scientists affirm these results, they'll no doubt make headlines. But we should put that record in perspective. North America covers just 2 percent of the Earth 's surface.

Fractivity and Kochsuckers-Some New Terms