Wed.Feb 26, 2020

Birding the Holiday Inn Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

10,000 Birds

Over President’s Day weekend my family and I took a much-needed break in Jamaica.

2020 179

7000 years before Fortnite, multiplayer games were etched onto city walls

Green Prophet

Neolithic game boards from Jordan. In some places like Petra they were carved into walls of the city for leisurely play? The early mancala game we know today is likely from this, but no one really knows the rules of the ancient games.

2020 92

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An unexpected Yellowthroat

10,000 Birds

I have previously written about the central Mexican highlands’ very own microendemic species, the Black-polled Yellowthroat.

2020 164

The World Urban Forum, 10 years on Abu Dhabi shows off

Green Prophet

Like this Foster and Partners museum, and creations like artificial islands and Masdar. Abu Dhabi is moving at break-neck speed. New urban developments like a maker’s studio and a mangrove walk is showing how Abu Dhabians want to slow down a little and smell the finjan.

2020 84

This is How 1000 Dollar Loan Cash Advance Work

Eco Friendly Daily

This is not your first time to check out cash advance online. Yet, do you understand just how it actually works?

2020 52

Mehen – play board games like an ancient Egyptian

Green Prophet

It was the only multiplayer game known to Ancient Egypt. It’s called mehen and maybe possibly for the first time in 5000 years it is brought back to glory in a Kickstarter campaign by Pandora Games. Board games are so important for green-minded people today.

2020 70

How traveling slow led me to live a greener life

Green Prophet

Instagramming influencers, who hop on and then off for the photo op are giving travel a bad name. Some cities in Europe don’t even want these kinds of tourists. Krista shares how you can slow it down to change the world. Traveling and green living are an awkward combination.

2020 68