Sat.Nov 10, 2012

Julia's Gift by Nina Munteanu

The Alien Next Door

A short while ago, I wrote a piece entitled " Writing about Truth and Other Lies ". In it, I explored the notion of “truth”: quintessential divine truth, individual truth, corporate truth and so on.

Shale Gas and The Ugly Truth: It is NOT Green(er)

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Poverty is a state of mind.

Green (Living) Review

but also the parent of revolution and crime by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While this may sound rather flippant it is true to some extent for, more often than not, those that we in the West regard as being poor are richer in so many other things. Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime” stated Aristotle and, to some extent, he does have a point also in this as, it would appear, poverty has lead to revolution and to crime in many of our civilized nations.

Expect Worst Climate Change Scenario, Researchers Warn

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Bike Tires That Don't Need Air


Britek Tyre and Rubber has been developing an airless tire. This gets rid of the hassles of those flat tyres but also has the added benefit of converting stored energy into forward movement.

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Rachael Ray Donates $500,000 to Help Sandy Victims and Pets


Rachael Ray donates whopping amount of money and food for Superstorm Sandy victims and pets. Read More The post Rachael Ray Donates $500,000 to Help Sandy Victims and Pets appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes News People Top News rachael-ray

Volley, Set, D’oh!

10,000 Birds

What will it cost you if you decide having a volleyball court on Kirtland’s Warbler habitat? 34,000 ! Hat-tip to Mike McDowell. Asides

21 City "Do The Math" Tour


Most of you have likely heard the outcome of the US election by now. But what you might not have heard is that on the day after the election, we launched a 21 city “Do the Math” tour to jumpstart the next phase of the climate movement in the US. As Hurricane Sandy so frighteningly showed us, no matter who is President, they need to face the realities of a changing climate and take urgent action now.

William Blake’s “The Birds”

10,000 Birds

William Blake, the 18th and 19th century English poet, painter and engraver, is most remembered for his two linked collections of poems, Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. Of all of Blake’s poems, people are most familiar with the oft-anthologized “ The Tyger ” from the latter volume, though he wrote many other poems worth reading (to say nothing of his inventive and delightful illustrations).

The Big Dip

10,000 Birds

If you read my mad scribblings here on 10,000 Birds with any regularity you probably know at least two things about me. I am a little bit obsessed with my Queens list. I like wood-warblers. You can imagine my excitement when Eric Miller, a fellow Queens birder, found a Virginia Warbler in Alley Pond Park in, yes, you guessed it, Queens, on 31 October, two days after Hurricane Sandy made landfall. If accepted by the New York State Avian Records Committee, it will be a first state record.