Thu.Nov 19, 2020

Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, 5th edition

10,000 Birds

For several years I lived and birded in the south of Africa , and still have my battered second edition (1997) of the Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, the most trusted local field guide.

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Urban gulls adapt to when we lunch

Green Prophet

Fitting birds with GPS backpacks on their legs reveals what we’ve long suspected: urban gulls know when & where to forage for human food.

2020 70

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5 Ways to Learn the Gender of Your Baby

Eco Friendly Daily

Perhaps the most exciting part of pregnancy is learning the gender of your bundle of joy. Many parents are eager to learn this information as quickly as possible in order to prepare a nursery or purchase gender-specific items such as clothing or toys.

2020 52

How can air filters control indoor pollution?

Green Prophet

One Particle at a Time: An Examination on How Air Filters Can Control Indoor Pollution. Good science is about using evidence, data, and hard facts to make assessments about our reality.

2020 52

Misconceptions about Solar Power

Green Prophet

Residential use of solar energy systems is catching on fast as more homeowners seek better energy sources to reduce the cost of energy bills if not do away with it altogether. In addition to its environmentally friendly benefits, solar energy is becoming a hit and a must-have for most people.

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