Tue.Mar 31, 2020

Towards the many small, not the few big

Green Prophet

We love to see vintage gas stations, but the world needs more electric vehicle charge points, small solutions so we can think big, A new study from multiple research centers has concluded that spending billions in infrastructure and for biga changes is not better than thinking small.

2020 87

More Nature Cams You Need in Your Life: 2020 Coping Edition

Nature Conservancy - Science

What strange and difficult days in this time of Covid-19. Normally I’d hit a trail or a beach (or both) to deal with stress and anxiety. Since those aren’t options right now, I’ve been, like many others, turning to virtual […].

2020 87

The world’s best road infrastructure

Eco Friendly Daily

The world’s infrastructure sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. India has some of the deadliest roads , while Beijing has the chaotic 50 lane motorway that turns into a still rather large 20 lanes. However, sometimes we get it spot on.

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