Wed.Apr 21, 2021

Sneak Attack

10,000 Birds

My state of Michoacán has a wide variety of nectarivorous birds. Nectarivorous: that’s my new word for this week!) Most, of course, are hummingbirds. A few are orioles. Hummingbirds use a kind of direct attack to access nectar, stabbing flowers frontally with their long beaks.

Gardening and Mindfulness

Green Prophet

Gardening and getting dirty, for health. How does mindfulness help with gardening? It turns out that mindfulness is not reserved for meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises. To understand how gardening can help mindfulness, we should delve into what mindfulness is and what it isn’t.

Mature 101

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Holes and Weeping Trees: What’s up with the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker?

Nature Conservancy - Science

The sapsucker needs, well…sap. And lots of it. Here’s how it gets it. The post Holes and Weeping Trees: What’s up with the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker? appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Birds Conservation Science Traveling Naturalist Wildlife

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Mental Health Benefits of Nature

Green Prophet

Take the time to smell the roses. Chances are you’ve heard this quote about spending some enjoy the simple pleasures of taking a stroll through a field, garden, or any form of nature. If you’ve ever walked through a park or forest, you can attest to some of their benefits.

Shift Smart – Why Working Remotely is Easier Than Ever

Eco Friendly Daily

The idea of working when you are not in the office was something that many years ago was impossible. Even back then important business deals hanged on the edge of a fax, so working remotely certainly wasn’t an option. The internet however, and some other welcome additions have changed all of that.

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Eco-Art Therapy: Healing through Nature

Green Prophet

Nature can heal us in ways we don’t fully understand, but we feel it. We feel better after spending time in a local park or sitting outside with ourselves. We feel energized after a brisk walk. Our moods boost after we walk past a flower bush.

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Apria Healthcare – Why Mobility Aids Are Important

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There are literally thousands of people in this country who have some form of mobility issue. In some cases this could be simply as a result of old age and in other cases it could be as a result of a particular accident or illness.

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BCFS Health and Human Services Celebrates Women’s History Month with Stories from its Employees

Eco Friendly Daily

BCFS Health and Human Services , a part of a global nonprofit organization that supports families throughout the world, encourages appreciation of Women’s History Month. The organization frequently highlights the contributions women make to individuals and broader society.

7 Natural Herbs that help with Anxiety

Green Prophet

Medicinal plants can calm anxiety. Here are some we love. Given our current pandemic and overflow of information, it’s understandable for a person to feel some level of anxiety. Sometimes, a little anxiety can be beneficial. However, some people live with greater levels of stress than others.

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Cumby Group – Top Tips on Getting a New Job

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Even the current climate around jobs there are more people who are unemployed than we have ever seen before. This is going to make getting a job a little tougher than it was prior to the pandemic.

How to Choose CBD When Buying Online

Green Prophet

CBD me to relax. People these days go online to purchase all sorts of products from weekly groceries to clothing, gifts, and electricals. Another thing that many people buy online these days is CBD products from reputable retailers such as [link].

Diamond Environmental Services – The Importance of The Portable Toilet

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Something which we have seen a great deal over the last 12 months has been a spotlight on the environmental services industry. Companies like Diamond Environmental Services have been doing a fantastic job working with care homes and hospitals to help sanitization efforts in the wake of the pandemic.

Standing Desk for Tall People and How the Online Desk Builder Works

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If your height is taller than average, you might have already faced the issue that not all items used by common people are equally comfortable for you. But what can you do if you work at a PC or do other office work?

Roger Wolfson- Reasons to Encourage Kids To Start Writing

Eco Friendly Daily

A great hobby to get your kids into is writing and today we are going to talk about the many ways in which this can really benefit your kids.